Thursday, November 14, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 57 - First Time Into the Deep Mountains (2)

“Have you gone into the mountain again? How many times do I have to tell you to not go in there by yourself? IT’s very dangerous there!” Gu Ming thought she was only in the mountain behind their house, but he still couldn’t help but to nag.

But when he saw the deer at her feet and the back basket full of herbs, he turned pale immediately. He ran toward her like mad and looked her up and down, making sure that she was alright.

“Did you go inside the deep mountain? Don’t you think that was a little too reckless? There were so many beasts in the mountains that even Hunter Zhang didn’t dare wander too far. What am I going to do if anything happened to you?” Gu Ming was so anxious that his eyes turned red. He lifted his hand up and was about to strike his sister. But when he said that pitiful little face, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Angrily, he balled up his fist and waved it in the air.

Ge ge, please don’t be angry at me. I didn’t do it on purpose. I discovered some wild herbs and kept digging and didn’t realize I had gone father than I had intended to. No! No! I meant, I didn’t really go that far, just a little bit farther than usual. I am telling you the truth! There were no beasts but lots of herbs and I picked a lot of them…” Gu Ming had never been so mad at her before. That made Gu Ye filled with regret and anxiety. She hurried to explain herself.

“It’d be too late when you run into beasts!”  One could tell that tears were about to fall from Gu Ming’s eyes. He was worried, frightened, and also relieved. His sister wouldn’t be so lucky every time; if something ever happened to her, he would never be able to forgive himself. No! He must stop all thoughts of her going into the mountains again once and for all!

“Gu Ming was right! Ye-er, it is very dangerous in the mountains. From now on you must not ever go alone without my accompanying you, is that understood?” Gu Xiao walked over to them. He had noticed that Gu Ye was missing when Gu Ming was looking up and down for her.

He never would have guessed that this timid and weak-looking little girl would have the courage to go inside the mountains by herself. Where did she get that courage from? Being influenced by the master general’s family, Gu Xiao has very high tolerance for girls. That’s why he had always spoken to her softly and made sure he didn’t frighten her inadvertently. If it was a boy, he would have grabbed him and gave him a good spanking by now!

“Yes! I understand!” nodded Gu Ye obediently.

Her low lashes fluttered and her shiny black eyes filled with guilt and remorse. Gu Xiao didn’t want to say any more. He just patted her on her little head and said, “Your brother had been looking for you for hours; go and apologize to him and promise him that you won’t go out on your own again in the future.”

Ge ge, I am sorry….”  Gu Ye shuffled over to the boy with his back to her and tugged gently at the corner of his clothes and said, “Don’t be mad at Ye-er!”

Inside of her, she was screaming, “The hell! How old am I now? I have to whine and ask for forgiveness from this little boy. Hot dam!”

Gu Ming rubbed his eyes and looking at how uneasy his sister was, he could no longer stay mad at her. Holding her hand in his, he said tenderly, “Mei mei, ge ge shouldn’t have shouted at you. I was just too worried about you. From now on, if you wanted to eat meat, just let me know. I will go hunting with you in the mountains.”

“What is the use of having you go with her? So you can feed the beast with yourself when you run into them?” Gu Xiao ruffed up his hair with his hand and said, “From now on, you learn how to hunt from your grandpa! You are going to become the pillar of this family in the future and take care of your sister. You must better yourself!”

“Grandpa.” After hearing that, Gu Ming’s eyes sparkled and his face beamed with unusual colors, “Are you going to teach me kung fu? Is it the kind that can let one person beat up several others?”

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