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TWQQF ch 269 - Everybody's On Their Moves; Lots of Suspicious Activities (2)

As the date of the auction at the Cheng’s came closer and closer, more and more visitors were arriving at the town of Daling. Majority of them were those who cultivate on their own or representatives from big families. Everyday there were a lot of traffic in and out of Daling.

Even though nobody from the Cheng’s were present in town, but Old Man Ying was monitoring the situation in town from a peak outside of the town. Minor conflicts or fightings were okay to be ignored, but the Cheng’s would not allow for any large scale fighting or killing.

After all, Qing’an Province now belonged to the Cheng’s and all the residents here were managed by the Cheng’s. And the Cheng’s were ultimately responsible for the safety of it’s residents.

In order to make sure the situation of Qing’an Province did not go out of control, Cheng Xiao Xiao had assigned a batch of mystical beasts to head towards different regions among Qing’am Province and keep an eye out on things. If they discovered any cultivators injuring any peasants, they must report back to her immediately.

When it was only a few days out, more and more cultivators headed toward Willows and asked to meet with the Cheng’s, but all their requests were denied. No matter who they were, which clan or sect they were with, the Cheng’s indiscriminately denied their requests to meet.

If they intend to make a purchase, they would have to wait till the day of the auction to return.

Groups and groups of cultivators, let them be the arrogant ones or the prideful and rude ones, none of them were able to get the Cheng’s to budge.

Even though it had caused some nuances for the Cheng’s to get in and out, but luckily nothing major and everything has been peaceful so far.

As for the Cheng’s household, Cheng Xiao Xiao was probably the most free and relaxed person. She had been a total bum, as long as nobody sought her out and bother her, she never pro-actively sought to help out.

She told her maids on the outside to watch guard and make sure nobody would interrupt before she flashed into the dimension.

She had just heard little Yuteng called out to her happily so she knew something new and interesting must have happened, so she went in right away to find out what it was.

As soon as she got inside, Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately noticed little Yuteng happily flying around the crystal-fruit tree.

Before she said a word, little Yuteng cried out happily, “Young mistress! Come quickly! The crystal-fruit tree is finally bearing fruits! HAHAHAH!” laughed little Yuteng wholeheartedly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao took a big leap and landed next to the crystal-fruit tree. She immediately smelled a refreshing fragrance in the air and the shiny fruits size of a fingernail sparkled under the sun. They looked more like arts than something edible.

“This is incredible. I would never imagine there will be fruits like this!” Cheng Xiao Xiao reached out and touched a crystal fruit. It was a bit chilly to the touch, and it sparkled some more.

“Young Mistress, you never would have guessed huh? I thought the dimension would have to be at least over level 60 for the tree to bear fruits. I didn’t expect the mystical stones from a while ago that was absorbed by the tree will make it fruit. If only we have some more mystical stones, I think the fruits will ripen very quickly!”

As she was talking, little Yuteng turned to look at her. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled and said, “Young Mistress, remember to collect a lot of mystical stones in two days’ time. The more the crystal-fruit tree absorb, the faster the fruits will ripen!”


Thinking about the thousands of mystical stones of various sizes that would be absorbed by the crystal-fruit trees, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but cringed. No normal person would be able to afford to have something like this!

“Hehehe,” As though she could read her mind, little Yuteng smiled and said, “Young Mistress, quit being so petty. When the crystal fruits ripened, you will see that all these sacrifices were worthwhile.”

“Worthwhile?” said Cheng Xiao Xiao as she looked at the tiny trinkets on the tree. Helplessly she said, “Would they turn me into a fairy if I eat them?”


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