Friday, November 8, 2019

TWQQF ch 256 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (7)

His anger, and unjust that had been cooped up for the last dozens of years all exploded. He shouted at the top of his lungs. Judging by how angry he was, it looked like he wanted to strangle someone in the next minute.

“YOU… YOU….”

Luo Yujie pointed at the man in front of her. Her small eyes rounded, her mouth opened. But, as though she was being strangled, she couldn’t form a word.

The four Tian’s sibling heard every words coming out of their father, but none of them knew what to do about it. They knew what their father said was the truth.

Being a part of Mingdong seemed very glamourous from the outside. But they were hated by everyone. If it wasn’t for the fact that Tian Fusheng had been incredibly loyal to Mingdong Sect and brought about a lot of achievements, they would have been banished long time ago.

Lou Yujie had always abused her position as the wife of an elder to bully elders of lower ranking and the disciples and offended all of them. Granted, all the petty matters didn’t require the to kill anyone, but it was sufficient for the others to want to avoid the Tian’s at all cost. Even Tian Fusheng’s achievements for the sect had been quietly wiped away by others, keeping him at the deacon elder level without getting promoted.

This last few years, when the Tian’s brother had reached adulthood, they were particularly fond of women and had offended many female disciples. That had made others wanted to stay away from them even more. If it wasn’t the power of Lui Yujie’s family, they would have been banished long ago.

When Mingdong sect learned about the Cheng’s situation and began their discussion, as a deacon elder, Tian Fusheng understood this would be a huge accomplishment. If he could pull this off, he would have the opportunity to finally move up in the sect, so he snatched up the assignment with no hesitation.

It wasn’t difficult, he was default the best candidate for this job soon as he revealed the fact that his wife Luo Yujie was Mrs. Cheng’s sister. He beat out many other elders to take over this assignment then immediately visited the Cheng’s with his children and his wife.

Everything should have gone as planned. He didn’t expect to be kicked out of the Cheng’s because of his prurience son over a maid. How could he be okay with that? Never mind that he didn’t know what to report back, they didn’t get any of the Cheng’s stuff at all! That made him so angry he could spit out blood.

All his anger surfaced and, at this moment, he really wanted to just kill that woman.

Luo Yujie wasn’t the brightest, but she wasn’t exactly an idiot either. She was well aware that nobody liked them at Mingdong. It was very unfortunate that she wasn’t able to change who she was. As long as an opportunity of gaining some petty benefits presented itself in front of her, she had to go for it.

At this moment in time, she dare not throw a fit anymore. So she whispered lowly, “What’s the big deal? We can always go back to Yin and talk to my parents. I knew they’d back us up!”

That seemed to have reminded Tian Fusheng something. The intent to kill exuding from him slowly dissipated and his look was less vicious than before but he still didn’t say a word.

Tian Jiang’s eyes brightened and he said, “Dad, mom was right. All we need to do is to visit grandpa and grandma at Yin. As long as grandpa and grandma will write to aunty, they wouldn’t dare to not listen to their demand. Then they will have to just hand over their mystical water and mystical animals. Plus, we won’t have to stay at their place and put up with them!”

“Jiang’er is right, old thing. All you want are their stuff, what’s the big deal? That Luo Yuqin, she would obey whatever mom and dad ask. Whatever we ask for, they will have no choice but to deliver. Hrm!”

The mother and son duo resumed their usual arrogance.

Their words did not make Tian Fusheng any happier. He only gave them a cold look and remained silent.

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  1. Stupid people..Thx for the update

  2. That is why I've been saying that Xiao Xiao should just start killing them. As long as she lets them go, this is what she gets in return - more troubles. Hopefully Xiao Xiao grows up after this incident and starts doing what is required.