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Resplendent Apothecary ch 63 - An Injured In the Deep Mountain (2)

Gu Xiao had quite bit of the glutenous rice wine that the head of the village had brought over. A little under the influence, he waved his forceful fist and hrmphed, “Who dare take it out on my grandson and granddaughter?”

After he said that, he went down the mountain with Gu Ming and Gu Ye and went straight to Gu Qiao’s house. He kicked opened the door that wasn’t shut completely and his thunderous roar could be heard throughout the entire backyard, “Gu Qiao! You get out here right now! My grandson and granddaughter will be staying over at your place for a few more days, you better be treating them nicely! If I found out that you have been mistreating them, HRM HRM!” Having said that, he slammed his fist on the mud wall violently and left a big hole.

Mrs. Gu shrieked and disappeared from Gu Xiao’s sight. Surely, she felt bad for the damage done to her house, but she dared not let that show. She knew that was a warning to her. The old man must have heard about how she used to treat the two and now he was backing them up!

After the threat, Gu Ming and Gu Ye’s days at the Gu’s had became much better. Mrs. Gu just pretended that they were not there. After all, the two brats only came home to sleep in the southern quarter; the rest of the time they were either out collecting firewood in the mountain or the helping out at the new house. They didn’t even have dinner at the Gu’s anymore; she wouldn’t even have the chance even if she had wanted to pick on them.

“Grandpa, ge, I am going up to the mountains now!” Owing to the fact that she was unable to explain when she had gained all the knowledge about herbs, Gu Ye wasn’t able to produce the herbs that she had collected last time in exchange for money. She could only store them inside the dimension.

The herbs, however, were plentiful in the mountains with many species that she did not possess in her dimension but had only seen in illustrated reference books. These were all money!! Certainly Gu Ye couldn’t let them go to waste. Luckily her brother was no longer watching over her all the time and following behind her every step of the way anymore.

Gu Ming was helping his grandfather in picking up the yard. When he heard her, he couldn’t help but added, “Don’t go too far! Don’t get too tired! Go with Li-jie and Ying-gu and stay with them….”

“Okay, I get it!” Gu Ye ran away as fast as she could before her brother was done. After she have left the house, she turned into the mountain behind them right away. In the interest of time, she took the “speeding potion” – her feet short feet moved like they were motorized and dashed straight up the ruggedly mountain paths.

The hidden guard, who was tasked to follow and protect her, applied his qinggong1 to its maximum and only then was he able to barely follow her. The longer he had been following her, the longer Yin Ba was alarmed: this girl that master has his eyes on is truly extraordinary. Not only does she possess super strength, her qinggong is also superior!

That being said, when did this little girl, born to a farming family, had the opportunity to practice this caoshangfei (“flying on the grass”) qinggong? No, he should report this strange observation back to his master. A messenger pigeon fly up from the deep mountain of Mount Cangmang and out of Dongling, finally arriving at a majestic courtyard inside the capital city of Yian.

A white and slender white hand removed the message slip from the messenger pigeon and, reading about news on Gu Ye, warmth had immediately returned to the flawlessly handsome face of Ling Juechen like it had defrosted and thawed. This little brat was abusing all her weird potions again.

There were only a few dozen words in the message. Ling Juechen read it a few times flipping it back and forth. Yin Kui, one of the four hidden guards, was very curious what sort of important message that was that his master had to read and reread it.

Ling Juechen wrote a message back to Yin Ba and told him to just keep on following and protecting her, and to pretend he didn’t see anything no matter what. He also warned him again to be careful and not let her discover him.


1.      A type of martial that allows one to move “swiftly and lightly at super human speed”. More details can be read from this Wikipedia entry. (Wikipedia for the win!)

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