Sunday, November 10, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 56 - Building A New House (4)

Why was she thinking about that person again? Gu Ye frowned her little nose a little bit and expelled Icy Face’s cold image from her mind before continuing onto her journey.

The hidden guard followed the diva from afar and felt his stomach tightened seeing the black bear about twice her height not too far from her; and a giant snake with diameter thicker than his arm swam under her feet; and a pack of starving wolves ran away from her with their tails behind their hind legs….

The more he saw the more odd he felt – why would all these normally vicious beast all ran away like they have ran into their natural predator whenever the diva got close to them. If it was his master, that then would still make sense to him; his master exuded this viciousness that even the beasts innately knew to stay away from him as far away as possible. But what made the ferocious beasts afraid of this scrawny little girl?

“Ginseng! Real wild ginseng!!” The little human from afar let out a loud, happy cry before she squatting down and happily dug away in the bushes.

“Looks good. At least several dozens of years. Should worth some good money!” Only money and pretty men could make Gu Ye so happy. She cracked out her mouth and smiled like it was a gold bar that she had just picked up.

The further she walked the more previous herbs she found: rhubard, gastrodia, five-flavor berry, Siberian ginseng, gentian…. Gu Ye’s little back basket was quickly getting filled. These were all money on the ground! Gu Ye was smiling so much that her eyes were now a straight line. Skipping on her way and humming her tuneless songs, she went on collecting her herbs happily.

Picture: rhubard (looks like red celery to me)

Picture: gastrodia

Picture: Five-flavor berries

Picture: Siberian ginseng (looks like black berries if you ask me….)

Picture: gentian

Picture: gentian2 (comes in different color too!)

“Eh? That piece of leave looks so familiar, it looked like wild Chinese yam.” Gu Ye immediately thought of Chinese yam and spareribs soup, Chinese yam and black fungus (wood ear) stir fry, Chinese yam and carp soup…. All these yummy dishes were making her drool.


Picture: Chinese yam (aka cinnamon vine)

Picture: Chinese yam and spareribs soup

Picture: Chinese yam and black fungus stir fry

Picture: Chinese yam and carp soup

She ran toward it as fast as she could and immediately started digging away with her little hoe. These wild Chinese yam mostly grew inside the crack of soft stones; plus their shapes were irregular, so it was no easy task to dig them out. But that wasn’t a deterrent for Gu Ye, all she needed was a bottle of strengthening potion. There was quite some Chinese yam in this field and it took her a few hours to dug them all up. By this time, her little back basket was completely full.

Looking at the sky, it was starting to get late. As much as she didn’t want to, she needed to start heading home. Otherwise, her “housekeeper” of a brother would be all nagging again. Aye, sometimes family could be such a sweet burden.

On her way back, she ran into a Siberian roe deer. Her strengthening potion hadn’t all worn off yet. With a casual throw of her hoe, the deer was knocked out cold. With her back basket complete full and a 100 something jin (approximately 50 kg / 110 lbs) game, she was still walking in her regular pace.

The hidden guard behind her rolled his eyes when he witnessed this. ThIs diva must be a naturally strong woman, even if she had ran into any vicious beast that didn’t know better, she wouldn’t have needed his help. Aye! Master, you sent me to stay here, but she didn’t need me at all. As one of the four prestigious hidden guards of the Hall of Hidden Souls, all he did was follow a girl around day in and day out. Wasn’t that kind of a waste of his ability?

Mei mei! Where have you been? I have been looking for you for the longest time!!” Gu Ye could hear Gu Ming’s voice when she approached their new house. She stopped in her way and prepared herself for his nagging.

Translator’s Note:

1.      Please let me know if you care about pictures of herbs… T.T

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  1. Thanks for the update and the pictures! They were very welcome.

  2. Ara? Rhubarbs a precious herb? And to think I just pull it out of my yard and make an icecream topping out of it.

    1. It's what Google says. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can't say I have had it before though... really? vegetable with ice cream? :S

    2. It's really delicious if prepared properly. We also use it for a dessert pie.

    3. People like it as pie. I only know about it as a comedy prop

    4. While rhubarb probably counts as a vegetable, it's tart and tastes like a fruit. You can make it into jam, use it as pie filling, etc. It's also delicious to eat raw by just dipping it in sugar. We used to have it in our garden where I grew up, but unfortunately the plant died one year and now it's been years since I've had it.

      That being said, what Gu Ye was probably excited about was the roots of the plant, since they are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

  3. I like those pictures, the let me know how they look irl. Thanks for your hardwork!

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