Monday, November 11, 2019

TWQQF ch 258 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (9)


With a flick of his finger, a sharp qi shot out, traversing the distances of several thousand miles.


In the blink of an eye, where the qi from his finger hit, the sword that was carefully-forced and sturdy like steel immediately split into two and flew out of the young man’s hand!

“Who was it!”

The young man looked around startled. His voice rocked the valley, yet he failed to notice the man and the crane up in the sky.

Just because he didn’t notice them didn’t mean nobody noticed them. Eleventh elder already noticed the man and crane from afar. He dropped to his knees immediately and said, “Thank you, senior, for saving our lives!”

“Thank you, senior!”

Eleventh elder and his entire family all got onto their knees and thank the man in the air.

“Who, who are you?”

The dozen or so folks from the Cheng’s looked uncertainly at the man and the crane; they had never seen anyone flying on the back of some mystical beast before.

One of the young martial spiritualist saw that the man on top of the crane was only around twenty or so. He felt very unreconciled and shouted at him, “Hey, kid. How dare you interfere with our business, you have a death wish?!”

Immediately after he finished saying that, the middle-age man next to him turned pale. Did he have a death wish?

Mo Xuanzun, sitting on top of the crane, his face was cold, his eyes burning with anger. He flipped his fingers again and another shot of qi fired off.


A whole appeared in the middle of the imprudent young man’s forehead. His body shuddered a couple of times and he collapsed.

Those remaining were now trembling from fear.

They now realized that they were no match to the man on the crane.

The middle-aged man, controlling the fear in him, cupped his hand and said, “Senior, I belong to the Emperor City’s Cheng’s. Please show us some mercy!”

“Hrm, you and your lot. Tried to kill in broad daylight, have you showed them any mercy? You even killed the young and weak family members mercilessly. You all deserved to die!”

His voice nonchalant, like he had no ill feelings at all. Yet his words were telling the Cheng’s that if they had the intent to kill others, there would be others out there who’d kill them.

“Senior, we admit guilt. We will leave right away!” The middle-aged man looked sufficiently frightened. He dare not risk any delay but chose to leave immediately.

“Say, why did you try to kill those people?”

Even though Mo Xuanzun had saved the people, he still want to get down to the bottom of it all. He didn’t want to become a co-conspirator, nor did he want to kill any innocents.


The middle-aged man lowered his head and dare not respond.

Seeing him like that, a cold beam of light crossed Mo Xuanzun’s deep and dark eyes. Turning toward one of the people kneeling on the ground, he said, “You, tell me!”

“Yes!” He voice sounded like it came from right next to one’s ears. Eleventh elder straightened his back and, cupping his hands at him, said, “Senior, I am not sure about the real reason behind it all either. But we have been hunted by the our member since we have been banished.”

“Banished? Why was that?”

“Senior, it was because I couldn’t just sit around and watch any longer….”

Eleventh elder recounted the entire story about Cheng Biyuan. From how he was injured and lost all his cultivation and was viewed as garbage by his family to all sorts of unfair treatment and bullying.

He continued to tell him about how Cheng Biyuan had relocated to Willows Village and was now in possession of mystical well and mystical animals. And how the Cheng’s started to plot against Cheng Biyuan to take his possessions and how he was then banished for refusing to be part of the plan. He was banished and now they were trying to have him killed.

“Damn it! Shameless! Unbelievable!”

Mo Xuanzun was completely enraged by the back story and the evil plans of the Cheng’s. His handsome place was cold as ice and his entire body exude a bone-chilling coldness.

“Senior, this, this was decided by the family. It wasn’t our ideas!” The middle-aged man was full of shame. Everything the Eleventh Elder said was true; he couldn’t find any retort even if he had wanted to.


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