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TWQQF ch 211 - Moving Into The New Resident; Bending The Will of Heaven (14)

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“Yes, Mistress. Lu Zhu promises she will take good care of Ms. Lan Lan!” replied Lu Zhu seriously.

“Hmm, Qing Zhu, you will be assigned to my second brother. You must also take good care of him and protect him. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress, Qing Zhu will take good care of second young master!”

“You will be following them from this day on. I will let my family know in a little bit!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

After making arrangements for these two, the three of them have arrived at the Cheng’s resident.

They were greeted by her mother and lunch was ready when they arrived. Even their busy father had returned.

Cheng Xiao Xiao found out something else after lunch, that her father and the old patriarch had picked a day for the move. They would be moving into their new house in three days.

The Cheng’s busied themselves with the move in the next few days.

Truth be told, there really weren’t a lot to be moved. After all, most of the items in the old house were more crude and old, they couldn’t very well bring them over to the new house.

Cheng Xiao Xiao has a wing all to herself. It’s two-story tall, the first floor has a small living area and four rooms for the maids. The second floor contained her bedroom and the study. It was more than enough for her.

The entire wing was made of wood. It was pretty and elegant. She felt contended and happy!

As for the decorations, they were all done to her specifications. Some of the items were even cloned from the dimension.

Three days later, fireworks were lit up. Accompanied by the villagers and their servants, the Cheng’s moved into their new house.

Everybody was happy. The Cheng’s gave away bonus money and received lots of congratulatory words.

Even though they have decided to not host a banquet, but all the villagers came. At the end, they still hosted a nice, big dinner.

The afternoon of the first day, before Cheng Biyuan even had a chance to take a rest, he receive news from his disciples – Zhou Jinjiang and his family have arrived.

The Cheng’s went out to greet them after hearing the news.

Zhou Jinjiang, who had just arrived, was even happier after he found today that was the Cheng’s moving day. He couldn’t stop saying that that must be an amazing day.

Mrs. Cheng and Mrs. Zhou met again after the all these years. The two of them both wiped away their tears of joy.

The second generation didn’t share the feelings of their parents, but Cheng Xiao Xiao had noticed that Zhou Jinjiang was only accompanied by his wife and two concubines. His children did not come with.

She recalled that the Zhou’s has three children, two boys and a girl. She had heard that Ms. Zhou was married, so it was natural that she didn’t come, but what about the two sons?

She found out before long that both of Zhou Jinjiang’s sons had joined the Heavenly Troop!

The Heavenly Troop was a organization created by the royals for secret trainings. Rumors had it that this was where the imperials guards and generals were trained and only the young and the talented ones would be selected to join.

Knowing Zhou Jinjiang’s original position with the royals, it was not a surprise that both of his sons joined the Heavenly Troop!

Zhou Jinjiang and his family did not stay in the Cheng’s main house; instead, he chose a 3-layered shiheyuan1 courtyard that was the closest to the main house. It has four separate structures. This was built with nobles staying there in mind, which also worked out pretty good for Zhou Jinjiang and his family.

After that, Zhou Jinjiang took over the role as the manager for the Cheng’s and took over a lot of Cheng Biyuan’s responsibilities.

The Cheng’s days were unchanged from day to day, lively and calm. Everybody has their own matters to take care of.

Comparing to the Cheng’s, those at the Palace of Mystical Beasts were much more bored, especially the playful ones like Jun’er. She felt that time crawled by like snails.


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  1. I've meant to mention this earlier...
    Resident - Person who resides.
    Residence - Place to reside.

  2. And it’s not contended but content.