Thursday, September 5, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 25 - Smart GIrl (2)

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Ling Juechen moved away from the window. The little girl was already yawning. With sleeping eyes, she stumbled back into her own house. The way she had her eyes closed, even Ling Juechen was worried that she’d trip over the doorstep and fall. While he was worried about her, the little girl stumbled onto her bedstove and fell back asleep.

Ling Juechen continued to stand outside the window and watched the little girl sleep through the crack of the window. She slept the same unsightly way she used to – drooling all over the place. Yet it was a though he could never have enough of her look! She was only 11, that was too young. If he steal her and raise her at home, would people think he’s a pedophilic?

No, that won’t work! She was a stubborn one, she wouldn’t just go with him for no reason! Even if he took her by force, with all the crazy drugs that she has, the entire military of Yian might not be able to keep her contained. Not to mention that if she was truly upset, she could easily hid in her dimension for 3-5 months, then what was he to do?

Ling Juechen felt a sense of helplessness. Whether it was the past life or this, he still didn’t know what to do with her!

Yet, all the princes were fighting over the throne right now, it would be a bad time to take her back nonetheless. It would appear that he couldn’t standby as an outsider anymore! He’d need to light a fire under these princes to escalate the fight! The more escalated it was, the sooner it would be over, right?

But, before he left, he must make some arrangements for his girl. Especially her healing and apothecary skills. He must find a way to let them shine!

Ling Juechen stood outside the window the entire night. He finally left the courtyard unwillingly when the sky was starting to get bright and there were stirring inside the house.

“Ying Mei!” After he had returned to his camp in the valley, Ling Juechen summoned Ying Mei. “I want you to head back to Yian immediately and bring back the sage apothecary!”

Sage apothecary? The scam artist that hung around the Hall of Hidden Souls? He was no good fella. He had all sorts of crazy medicines with him, would he just come with him obediently? Ying Mei had bad experience with that old man in the past, so he was very hesitant about this new assignment.

Ling Juechen was quite familiar with how the old man was like so he added, “Tell him that the hall master has a once in a lifetime genius disciple for him; if he doesn’t come, I am going to tap sage healer next!”

The sage apothecary and sage healer were trained from the same school and also archnemesis of each other. Sage apothecary looked down upon sage healer’s alchemical skills and sage healer, on the other hand, also frowned on sage apothecary’s healing skills. Sage healer swore that he would mentor disciple that would excel beyond sage apothecary; and sage apothecary also sword up and down that he would mentor a disciple that would make sage healer’s jaw dropped. The two have been at it for half of their lives and they still acted like two cocks meeting in a fighting ring whenever they ran into each other!

With the reminder, Ying Mei suddenly saw the solution presented to him. He was now happy to head toward the city of Yian.

“General, the troop is ready and waiting for your order!” Sun Yoou noticed the general coming from outside the valley and was surprised by that, but he didn’t let that show.

“You, take the troop and split in three groups! You can handle the details!” Ling Juechen had changed his mind. Screw the xuepo! Screw the medicinal guide! More likely than not the emperor was faking illness to test his princes. Has he never heard of the story “The Boy Who Cries Wolves”?

Sure enough, shortly after the emperor fallen ill, the second prince jumped out and ordered the general, who had always only take direct orders from the emperor, to leave the city and look for herbs for the emperor – a complete waste of his talent.

He had no idea what went through the second prince’s mind. If he wanted to become the next in line for the throne, he should be kissing up to the oh-so-popular general in the office, not to send him on wild goose chase. Did he really think Ling Juechen would put up with that? If that pig brain truly became the next emperor, Yian, one of the three most powerful country, would probably start declining in no time!


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  1. Please don't fight for the throne! you can't have only one girl that way, it's better to have a good puppet like the second prince.. that way you can reign while pushing all the tedious work to your brother. :)