Thursday, September 19, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 31 - Slingshot Wasn't That Difficult! (3)

Zhang Lihu dashed over to the pigeon. When he picked up the pigeon, the tiny bamboo tube tied on its foot fell off but Zhang Lihu didn’t notice that at all.

“Sister Ye-er, have you been practicing your slingshot skills? That was amazing! It was so high up that even my dad might not have been able to shoot it down!” Little stars of appreciations sparkled in Zhang Lihu’s eyes.

“That’s just beginner’s luck! I was surprised too! I can’t believe I was able to shoot it down!” Gu Ye looked at the pigeon, it seemed a little different than the other one that they have just saw.

But, since the seasoned hunger Zhang Lihu didn’t feel that there’s anything wrong with it; she stopped worrying about it. She was going to wait till she was alone before she go and stew it. Ugh… there should be some recipes on stew pigeon soup in recipe book in the dimension…?

Gu Ming has noticed the changes in his sister more and more – she was no longer timid and cried as much as she used to; she has the courage to stand up to Mrs. Gu; she somehow took care of Da Zhuang who tried to bully her… all these were good changes in her that he wanted to see.

But when his sister raised the slingshot, he noticed without mistake the confident radiated from her. That was no beginner’s luck like she tried to pass off of. But, when had she ever practiced using a slingshot? Gu Ming was very baffled.

Even though Gu Ming has some smarts, but there was no way he could have guessed that her sister body now carried a different soul – a strong one came from a different world!

Days went by when the two were picking wild vegetables, fruits, or other goods from the mountain. Soon a month had gone by.

In that one month, Ling Juechen’s right hand man led the troop up Mount Jiuchong and found the xuepo. Ling Juechen stalled as long as he could but finally had to take his elite troop and with his heart filled with reluctance from leaving Gu Ye, departed Dongling and headed toward Yian.

After observing it for some twenty days, Ling Juechen was sure that that Mrs. Gu would not be able to cause the girl any harm so he decided against taking care of her. Might as well save her for the girl’s entertainment, right? That being said, just to lean on the safe side, he still left a stealth guard to watch over the little girl. It wasn’t easy to run into her again in the other world, he didn’t want to make the same irrecoverable mistake as he did in the previous life due to his own carelessness.

After being a mute for a month, Mrs. Gu finally got her voice back. One morning, when she was clearing her throat, she suddenly noticed that her voice was back. She was so emotional that she started crying.

Nobody knew how she made it through the past month. When the villagers found out that she could no longer talk, they started gossiping behind her back that that was caused by all the evil acts of hers and she was being punished by the gods. At the beginning, she really wanted to rush up and fight with everyone who said that. Alas, she didn’t think she could win a fist fight and she had lost her voice…. She had grown numb to it all overtime.

During the month, she did do some self-reflection. If it was a punishment, then it must be due to the damned child Gu Ye. She made her so angry that she said all sorts of things which some of them offended the gods. Over this period of time, all her anger, sufferings, and insults…. She chalked them all up to Gu Ye!

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