Thursday, September 19, 2019

TWQQF ch 200 - Moving Into The New Resident; Bending The Will of Heaven (2)

He produced a pouch and handed it over to her.

Needless to say, that’s another dimension pouch. Cheng Xiao Xiao put the ring on her finger and accepted the pouch from Zhu Xiangyu. Using her mind’s eyes, she could see all sorts of animals within the pouch. That made her smile deepened.

Everybody could tell that she was in a very good mood now.

Yet Zhu Xaingyu’s mood was even better. He made a proposal to Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately and said, “Xiao Xiao, the bamboo forest owned by your family is amazing and filled with mystical qi. I have been wanting to visit it, care to join me?”

“Oh, you want to visit the bamboo forest?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao was in a good mood, so she accepted his proposal after a brief moment, “Sure! I can use a walk!”

“Then let’s go!” Zhu Xiangyu was even happier now. He got up from his seat and cupped his hands at Cheng Biyuan, “Master Cheng, see you in a bit!”

“See you in a bit!” nodded Cheng Biyuan, who didn’t say much.

Cheng Xiao Xiao greeted her parents before she walked into the courtyard accompanying Zhu Xiangyu.

At the same time, while no others were paying attention, she tossed the ring and the pouch into the dimension for little Yuteng to play with.

Watching her daughter walked out, Mrs. Cheng walked over and sat down next to her husband. There were curious and uncertainty in her eyes, “Ye, you think our Xiao Xiao was fond of young Mr. Zhu?”

“Why do you say that? That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?” Cheng Biyuan doesn’t think his eldest daughter would have fallen for young Mr. Zhu on first sight.

Granted, if she was, he was quite okay with the standing of young Mr. Zhu.

Mrs. Cheng still has her suspicions and said, “I think it kind of looks like it. Xiao Xiao was never one to chitchat with any boys. This time she had agreed to go on a walk with him, there must be something there!”

“Not necessarily!” Cheng Biyuan still refused to believe.

“I think so. Plus, look at this young Mr. Zhu, he seems quite fond of Xiao Xiao. Even though he had been around for a while now, he had always kept his distance with us. He was totally different when it comes to Xiao Xiao!”

“Alright, regardless of whether she is or isn’t fond of him, we need to stay out of it!”

“How can you say that? Xiao Xiao is our daughter, we can’t stay out of it!” Mrs. Cheng gave him a stare and said unhappily, “You are her dad; you better keep an eye out on this young Mr. Zhu. Don’t let him take advantage of our daughter, otherwise, I will never let you hear the end of it….”

“What are you talking about? You are just being silly now….”

Cheng Biyuan didn’t know what to do with his wife, “Cheng Xiao Xiao can take care of her own matters, we don’t need to meddle. Oh yeah, in the next couple of days, have the servants hurry up and tidy up the newly constructed courtyard. Brother Zhou and his family will be arriving in the next few days!”

“Really? It has been a few years before we have seen Mrs. Zhou, I wonder how she is doing!”

“For sure better than us. Just be sure to make the arrangements!”

“Alright!” Mrs. Cheng nodded, then she pulled out a letter from her sleeve and said, “Here’s a letter from the city of Yin, ye, take a look!”


“Yeah, it was just delivered. It was from mom!” Mrs. Cheng lowered her head, her eyes reddened.

Cheng Biyuan took a look at her, picked up the letter and started reading.

On the other side, the two young ones walked out side by side and Cheng Xiao Xiao casually asked, “Young Mr. Zhu is preparing to take off? If that’s the case, I have another favor to ask. Continue to collect items for us, we will continue to buy them from you.”

“Xiao Xiao, why does it sound like you want me to leave?” said young Mr. Zhu as he turned and looked at her pretty face and smiled.


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