Wednesday, September 4, 2019

TWQQF ch 183 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (16) [BONUS PART]

“HAHAHAH….” Zhang Ping laughed heartily, “You are right, you are right. Brothers, we weren’t born on the same day, but we will at least be able to die on the same day. We should consider ourselves lucky!”

“Okay! We will all die together!”

“Let’s do it!”

The six of them all lifted the daggers in their hand and simultaneously stabbed toward their own hearts!

When the daggers reached their chest, they flashed and all turned into leaves. Before they could react to that, a young female voice shouted, “Collect!”

The six disappeared instantly under the watchful eyes of Bighead Chi and Qing Zhu!

The two of them had already experienced that and knew where the six went. Bighead Chi bowed at Cheng Xiao Xiao gratefully, “Thank you, Mistress, for letting them live!”

“HOHOHO….” Laughed Cheng Xiao Xiao in a good mood, “They do not own their lives anymore. From now on, their lives belong to me. They will live if I want them to; they won’t if I want them to die. That goes for you too, Bighead Chi, do you regret about it?”

“No regrets!” replied Bighead Chi deterministically.

“Okay, go and finish taking care of the business here. We should head out soon!”

“Mistress, there aren’t any more matters that need taken care of other than Flower Monk’s safe!” smiled Bighead Chi bitterly.

“What? Nothing to take care of?” frowned Cheng Xiao Xiao. “I seem to recall several other women’s voices, what happened to them?”

“They are all dead!”

“All dead? What happened?”

Bighead Chi dare not keep anything from Cheng Xiao Xiao. After he had killed Flower Monk and the other bandits, he went to let the women out, but he didn’t expect the women to all commit suicide once they realized their guards were gone.

“They all killed themselves?”

“Yes, Mistress, they have been tortured by Flower Monk and his bandits for way too long. The only reason they were still alive till this moment was because they  have been under the watchful eyes of the guards,” said Bighead Chi with a deep voice.

“Oh, they were all dead. Well, that’s their lives, not much I could do. Let’s go check out Flower Monk’s safe, hope it won’t disappoint me.”

“Yes, Mistress, please follow me!”

Under Bighead Chi’s guidance, they found Flower Monk’s safe. Cheng Xiao Xiao happily accepted all the tribunes before she lit a fire and burned the bandit’s den down!

When Cheng Xiao Xiao returned to the dimension, she saw little Yuteng lecturing the group of stock men. She smiled from that bizarre picture.


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  1. From one side, it's a shame that they all committed suicide.
    From the other, I guess they just didn't want to live any more...
    Perhaps they would have recovered in time, but it is still a heavy wound to bear with uncertainty.

    1. Yeah, I disagree. I feel they only committed suicide because the AUTHOR wanted them to. He/she wanted "strong, tough" male servants for the female lead but did not want to have female servants as the author did not believe they could be "strong & tough".

    2. Also let's not ignore the two female servants of MC who are both on their way as Cultivators to likely serve as her bodyguards. Given she is having yuteng guide their cultivation.

  2. Thank you, but she need more maid in home right

  3. Is it me, or are the chapters getting smaller?