Thursday, September 12, 2019

TWQQF ch 192 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (9)

Another thunderous rumbling!

Her opponent’s body shuddered and a tremendous qi exploded from his body like torrential rain that rocked heaven and earth.

Blood came out of the corner’s of Cheng Xiao Xiao’s mouth. She looked on mortified as the man’s hand turned into a giant palm and hit her squarely on her chest.


The excruciating pain made her lost consciousness. Her small body was sent flying several meters before it landed heavily on amidst the flowers.

“Goddamn it!”

The middle-aged man cursed, then turned and left before even checking on the person lying in the garden.

When he arrived he had already examined Cheng Xiao Xiao up and down and did not discover any signs of the medicinal herbs. With his cultivation, if the herbs were anywhere close, he would have been able to smell them.

He was surprised he didn’t not find them with Cheng Xiao Xiao. Regardless of whether she had stole his medicinal herbs, he did not plan to let her live.

Which was why he left immediately after hitting her. After all, using only 50% of his qi to kill a little martial master girl was easier than killing an ant.

Silence. The entire valley was silent.

 Little Yuteng was going berserk from worry inside the dimension, but since Cheng Xiao Xiao was unconscious, she wasn’t able to establish communication with her, nor could she leave the dimension.

After all, she was one with Cheng Xiao Xiao, unless Cheng Xiao Xiao could regain consciousness.

“Shoot! Shoot! Who was that person? Where did this powerful person come from? I thought there was nobody at the level of martial emperor or martial monarch around. Why do I feel that he was somewhere in between martial monarch and martial celestial? Why else would I have found him frightening?”

Little Yuteng flew back and forth inside the dimension worried sick about Cheng Xiao Xiao while muttering to herself. As the dimension’s level was still so, as was herself. Even though she has many tricks, but she was no match of the man from earlier.

Just his qi was enough to paralyze her with fear.

The rest of them who were cultivating cross legged on the grass was disturbed by little Yuteng. They could tell from her anxiety that something had happened to their mistress.

But they were all inside the dimension; there was nothing they could do even if they wanted to.

After watching little Yuteng flew around like a fly with its head cut off, Cheng Chi finally couldn’t help but to ask, “Manager Yuteng, exactly what had happened?”

“Nothing. Nothing that concerns you guys. You keep cultivating!” Little Yuteng was very impatient; she didn’t feel up to dealing with them right now.

Everybody looked at each other and did not make another sound to disturb little Yuteng.

Little Yuteng continued to mope around and mumbled to herself, “I must figure out a way to help her. She must be unconscious. Nobody else other than me will be able to help her.

“What can I do? What can I do? How to help her….

“Give her qi? I won’t be able to right now, I am isolated from her. I can’t do that until she regains consciousness…

“It’s all my fault for being so useless. I can’t even help my own young mistress, what am I going to do?

“If only I am more capable, that’d be great, I….”

Little Yuteng paused right at this moment, then shouted loudly, “Oh my god! How could I have forgotten all the treasures that we have just collected? Let me level up the dimension first!”

Little Yuteng got busy right away. She went inside the warehouse and released the several hundreds of medicinal herbs.

“New species discovered: mystical jade gingeng x3!”

“New species discovered: rosewood x3!”

“New species discovered:….”




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  1. Ooof... The dimension gaining levels...
    So it wasn't charms,
    it wasn't him being collected,
    it was just the dimension gaining levels and going into plot armour-smith central to pull a possibly godly (read BS) cure-all manufacturing&application function or free-reign (being able to release things out of it) ability out of a bargain bin (read:level up).

    I've read the comment from the Anonymous from the last chapter and I agree. Maybe she'll learn not to steal the whole dang valley and garden when all she needs is 1 type from a species to be able to grow it all she wants.

  2. I lost hope to this MC. Not only brainwashing, now it is stealing.
    It is clearly someone's but she didn't even blink or have any regret to talking it.
    At least pretend to have morals and integrety.

  3. I hope she gives him something precious in return for what she stole.
    My English is poor((((

  4. If this cultivator killed her, it would be a good ending of the story. Seriously. Why do all the villains (though he is not one) not killing MCs once the opportunity arrives?