Sunday, September 15, 2019

TWQQF ch 195 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (12)

The young man looked at the person lying in front of him, touched his fingers again. He then shook his head, and looked at her again. He touched his fingers again. Back and forth and back and forth, and he was baffled, “Am I not the genius mathematician? How come I can solve this one?

“What had happened?

“I must be tired. Let me get some rest.”

The young man couldn’t figure it out so he had to console himself. Slowly he quieted down. He turned to look at Cheng Xiao Xiao again subconsciously. An inexplicable light shone from his eyes, his face masculine.

One’s lying and one’s sitting!

Time passed slowly and Cheng Xiao Xiao’s look improved from the pill, but she has yet to regain her consciousness.

“What’s the matter? She should have woken up already. Why hasn’t she? Maybe something had gone wrong?” The genius mathematician started mumbling to himself again. “If I remember correctly, I have read in some book before that if someone is in a coma, kissing them will help them get out of the coma. I wonder is that is true?

“Now that she’s not waking up, do I need to kill her lips to help her wake up? Should I give that a try?”

As he was saying that, his eyes drifted to her pink lips. They looked like they have been coated with honey and was particularly tempting.

He pursed his lips subconsciously; fireworks could be seen in his eyes. He said to himself, “That must be it. She was waiting for me to kiss her. I should be an altruist person and do that. Nobody will know. I don’t need to tell her that’s what I had woken her up and nobody will ever find out!

“Ugh, even if she found out, she certainly wouldn’t blame me for that. I am only doing it to save her. I am doing a good deed!” Thinking about it, the genius mathematician was convinced that he was in the right and that actions would speak louder than words.

Slowly, he leaned down and moved his lips closer to hers. He was curious: what does it feel like to kiss someone to wake them up?

When he touched her soft lips, his body shuddered and he heard a loud bang in his head. He felt like has been shocked by lightning. He was stunned; his heart beating non-stop wildly. He almost tipped over.

He had no idea what to make out of what he was feeling, this being the first time he has kissed a girl.

At this moment, the one whose eyes were closed, her long and curly lashes flickered like butterfly wings. It was as though she was about to wake up.

The genius mathematician was so out of it he had not noticed that. He was still basking in the feeling of his soul leaving his body. Without being aware of it, he was kissing her harder than before; all instinctively.

Slowly regaining her consciousness, Cheng Xiao Xiao felt that she could smell an unfamiliar smell. It was like….

The smell of  a man!

When this thought crossed her mind, she immediately sensed that something was wrong. She opened her eyes abruptly and what she saw was the close up of a man’s face.

She was just about to scream when she realized her mouth was blocked by someone.

He was kissing her!

Once she had reached that conclusion, she didn’t wait for him to react before she used all her might and pushed him away as hard as she could.


The unexpecting genius mathematician fell a yard away. It was lucky that he stopped himself just in time; else he would have landed on his back.

“WHAT THE HECK?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was furious. She was about to reach for her fly swatter and smash him. Immediately after she stood up, she stumbled, and almost fell to the ground.

This was when she remembered someone had struck her and she had been unconscious.

“Miss, why are you so mean? I was trying to save you, don’t you get it? I am your benefactor, how could you treat me like that? I totally got the short end of the stick.” Genius mathematician saw a mean woman and was disgruntled. And he let his disgruntlement be heard.


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