Monday, September 9, 2019

TWQQF ch 189 - An Unpexcted Loot; Grade A Male God (6)

“Your subject had never expected anything in return!” said Zhou Jinjiang in a serious tone.

“What you think is irrelevant!”

The emperor glanced at him and said, “You had judgement better than any others. Right now, the Cheng’s at Emperor City must be the ones regretting the most. When Cheng Biyuan was a talented genius, they treated him like a treasure and were very arrogant in their ways in the city. Ever since the incident with Cheng Biyuan, they tossed him away like an old shoe. Giving him not a second look.

“Never in a million years had they expected that would became a blessing in disguise for Cheng Biyuan and his family, having accomplished what he had today. I wonder what the Cheng’s would do with Cheng Biyuan!”

Zhou Jinjiang could agree more with the words of the emperor, but he did not let that show. What he said was so true, but he remember another news he had heard recently and said, “Your Majesty, I have also heard that the 11th elder of the Cheng’s was also banished and had left Emperor City recently!”

“Hrm, banished the elder that was closest to Cheng Biyuan at this time? They may be able to conceal their intentions with others, but not with me.  What they were trying to do couldn’t be more obvious.”

“Cheng Biyuan wouldn’t go along with whatever they had in mind!” said Zhou Jinjiang decisively for some odd reasons.

The emperor was neither happy nor unhappy at his response, nonchalantly he said, “We’ll see!”


“Okay, if you want to go to Qing’an Province, I won’t force you to stay. But I will save your position of Commandant of Guards. Regardless of whether you will be returning to Emperor City, the position is still yours, but….”

He paused here, and his tone became much more severe, “You must pay close attention to the events within Qing’an Province. If there are any unusual events taking place, you must report them to me. Remember, any unusual events. I don’t want to wait till it’s a small country of it’s own before dealing with it. You understand?”

“Yes, your subject understood!” Of course he understood. Now that he had became a secret move of the emperor, he’d have to accept the mission.

The two of them chatted for a little more before Zhou Jinjiang excused himself!

After the departure of Zhou Jinjiang, the emperor solemnly rubbed his temples and said, “Cheng Biyuan, Zhou Jinjiang, I hope you won’t disappoint me!”

The resignation of Zhou Jinjiang did not bring about too much turmoil. It was very low key, as though not very many knew about it. Even when Zhou Jinjiang and his family left Emperor City, not too many had noticed; or, those who did pretended that they didn’t.

Cheng Xiao Xiao rested for half a day in her house inside the dimension. When she walked out of the house, little Yuteng approached her immediately and she asked, “Yuteng, where are we now?”

“Young Mistress, I found a great place. Hurry up and go check it out!” Screeched little Yuteng excitedly.

“Oh? Let me go see!”

Exiting the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately noticed that was inside a valley. She didn’t notice a whole lot except for the field full of all sort of medicinal herbs that made her ecstatic.

“Medicinal herbs! Oh my god! All of them the precious kind!” Even Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but exclaimed loudly.

Little Yuteng came out as well. Looking at the medicinal herbs in front of them, her large eyes turned into the shape of new moon and she said happily, “Young Mistress, if we collect all of these herbs, the dimension will for sure go up quite a few level!”

“Collect! Quickly!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao did not even think about where she was, or whether these herbs belong to anyone. The only thing she had in mind was to collect all of them into her dimension.

Never mind that they will allow the dimension to go up several levels, even if there wouldn’t be any levelling, she wouldn’t pass up on these. These herbs were way too precious. They were all live-saving medicines. They were like panacea!


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