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TWQQF ch 204 - Moving Into The New Resident; Bending The Will of Heaven (6)

“Okay, not a problem. Just give me their names and I’ll take care of that!”

“I have it all written down!” Innkeeper Zhu fished out a notebook from his chest and said, “Miss Cheng, I have been recording their training journal daily. I trust that you can tell what the issues are.”


Taking over the notebook, Cheng Xiao Xiao had not expected Innkeeper Zhu to have gone such an extra mile. A daily journal was no small feat! “Thank you so much, Innkeeper Zhu! I really appreciate this!”

“Ho Ho, ,whatever is helpful for Miss Cheng!”

“Thanks again, Innkeeper Zhu, will you be taking off with young Mr. Zhu?” Cheng Xiao Xiao did not start reading the journal right away but put it inside her sleeve.

“Ugh, perhaps I will leave with him, ho ho…”

Innkeeper Zhu’s smile was a bit forced, but he did a good job hiding it and Cheng Xiao Xiao pretended that she hadn’t noticed.

The two chatted for a bit longer and Cheng Xiao Xiao took off.

Innkeeper Zhu could no longer maintain that smile. He couldn’t help but to wipe away the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve.

“She was good. The way she looks at you was way more severe than that of Master Cheng. It was like you can’t hide anything from her. She knows everything that was going on…”

“Useless!” Came a familiar voice and Innkeeper Zhu turned pale. He dare not look at the person approaching him.

The house guests of the Cheng’s decreased quickly.

Young Mr. Zhu was gone! Innkeeper Zhu was gone!

Their departure had no impact on the Cheng’s. They didn’t leave with mystical animals this time because the date that Cheng Xiao Xiao promised the public was only a month and a half away. Even if they had wanted to purchase more, the Cheng’s would not have agreed to it.

After they have departed, Cheng Xiao Xiao read the journal given to her from Innkeeper Zhu. She had a pretty good idea which ones she shouldn’t keep.

It’s time to take care of them. Otherwise, it would not befit the Cheng’s for them to overstay.

After dinner, the whole family sat around the courtyard to chitchat!

Ye, now that Xiao Xiao is back, should we move into the new courtyard?” asked Mrs. Cheng.

The main courtyard of the Cheng’s has already been completed. In additional to the main hall for the parents, even the side halls for the siblings were ready. Other than a couple courtyards meant for guest that had a little bit more remaining to go, the Cheng’s could move in whenever. They no longer need to stay in the straw huts.

Their places were ready a few days ago, but since Cheng Xiao Xiao was still out, nobody suggested to move now. Now that the entire family are together, naturally Mrs. Cheng would bring it up.

Cheng Biyuan looked around at the place that have been staying at for the last four years and he have a complicated look on him, “I guess it is time to move. As we have more and more visitors, this place is a bit on the shabby side. It’s certainly difficult to entertain guests.”

Ye is right!” Mrs. Cheng had been thinking the same thing for a while now.

Cheng Biyuan turned and looked at his daughter by his side, “Xiao Xiao, do you have any other thoughts?”

“Dad, whatever you and  mom decide!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled, “We should move though. This place is smaller and more inconvenient. Now that our new house is built, we have no reason to continue to stay in the straw huts, am I right?”

“Ho ho ho….”

The family laughed together. Cheng Zheng Yuan shouted out, “I can finally sleep by myself! I don’t want to sleep with Zheng Bin anymore! He kicks me every night!”

“Brother! You are just making all these up! I would never…!” cried little Zheng Bin in his own defense.

Cheng Zheng Yuan glanced over at his young brother and pursed his lips, “Sure you did! You kick me awake several times a night, made me want to toss you off the bed!”


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