Saturday, September 7, 2019

TWQQF ch 186 - An Unpexcted Loot; Grade A Male God (3)

Mystical animals? Mystical qi?

Their eyes widened and they stopped in their actions. Even though none of them were cultivators, they have still heard of mystical animals and mystical beasts before. These were all precious items that one couldn’t even buy with money.

Within the cultivator’s realm, they were no jokes well sough after.

“Lu Zhu was right, all of Mistress’s possession here contain mystical qi. When you are on the outside, don’t ever mention this place to others; otherwise…”

“Qing Zhu, that’s enough!”

Cheng Chi straightened his back and said, “Our lives belong to our mistress. No matter what happens, we will never betray her. Even if that means sacrificing our own lives!”

“Exactly! We’d never betray our mistress!”

The rest nodded as well. They all have a determined look in their eyes. They way of thinking had changed. If it was anywhere else, they might not have changed so fast. But within the dimension, the change was almost instantaneous!

Even though they have changed, but everything felt so natural that nobody felt anything was out of place!

“Eat quickly, manager Yuteng is going to teach us how to cultivate. We can’t afford to lose any time!”

Everybody finished eating as quickly as humanly possible before walking back outside. When they saw Cheng Xiao Xiao sitting beneath the tree, being wrapped by tens and thousands of mystical strings, they were all stunned.

They have never seen anyone cultivating that way before. Little Yuteng appeared before them immediately, and, pointing at the other grass field, said, “Now go job on that field. And keep running until you can’t run anymore and collapse, undestand?”


The nine of them, including Lu Zhu and Qing Zhu, started running toward the grass field!

The dimension had became much bigger than before; there was enough room for them to exercise.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was not aware of what was going on with them. At this moment, the mystical qi was entering her body like many tiny snakes, following the paths of her meridians. The amount of true qi also continue to increase.

Following that, she felt a sense of ecstasy. She could feel that her qi had became much thicker, as though small dragons were running around inside of her as she exercised her mantra. She could almost heart the clacking sound of hooves of tens and thousands of horses running.

As time passed, more and more qi accumulated inside of her like a rising tide. Cheng Xiao Xiao felt that these qi would true turn into hers.

As the qi increased, it further expanded and solidified her meridians. Qi from the outside continued to enter her body, as though they came from an inexhaustible source.

Slowly, Cheng Xiao Xiao’s qi became more obvious. Even the leaves on the crystal fruit tree next to her began to rustle from the qi exuded from her body.

“That’s an amazing wave of qi. Mistress is just a martial apprentice. The richness of the qi made me feel that she’d be a martial spiritualist already,” said Cheng Yong while he was running. He was the oldest of them all and has met many cultivators before.

All the others’ attention was also attracted by Cheng Xiao Xiao. Cheng Chi couldn’t help but to say, “Mistress is probably on the verge of breaking through!”

“That’s quite possible!”

“I think she will have a break through!”

Under the envious look of the rest of them, the qi inside Cheng Xiao Xiao’s body continued to accumulate and the mystical strings enveloped her continued to enter her body.

All of a sudden, a strong energy exploded from inside of her. Cheng Xiao Xiao was unprepared and it rattled her to her bones. Her entire body shuddered and her hair almost stood up.


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