Monday, August 26, 2019

TWQQF ch 172 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (5)

Lu Zhu opened his eyes and, after a slight pause, asked immediately, “Mistress, this place is so gorgeous. This place belongs to you?”

“That’s right, this is my place. Do you like it here?” Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t notice any negative effect on the kids and she felt better.

Little Yuteng, who was sitting on the crystal fruit tree, flew over. Looking at the two new visitors, she said, “Welcome to the dimension of the young mistress. How are you? My name is little Yuteng and I manage this dimension. Other than young mistress, I make all the decisions in this dimension!”

“You, you are so small!!”

“How come you can fly?!”

The two kids looked at the floating little Yuteng and spoke their minds.

“Hehe, I am not completely grown yet, so this is my size for now!”

Little Yuteng replied with a smile, “And, I am not the same as the two of you. That’s why I can fly, and you can’t!”

“Yuteng, you go ahead and show them around. While you are at it, give them a introduction to this place and let them know what they need to look out for!”

“Yes, young mistress!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao went inside the little cottage after handing the people over to little Yuteng. She had no rush to get back out. Mainly she wanted to see how humans that were collected into the dimension would transform.

If they can live inside the dimension, that’d be a good thing too. If she encounter any emergency situations in the future, she can save people by placing them into the dimension.

After entering the cottage, Cheng Xiao Xiao looked around the little cottage with it’s one living room and one bedroom. Surely it has everything one needs, it just too small to hold too many people.


Cheng Xiao Xiao seemed to have thought of something. Immediately she walked toward the wall and opened up the control screen. She had barely touched this every since little Yuteng had taken over the management of the dimension.

Opening up the marketplace, she navigated under decorations. The entire screen was filled with pictures of all kinds of villas; all could be purchased with in-game currency. Cheng Xiao Xiao has decided to swap out this 1-bedroom cottage.

“Village field? Forget it, we are still building our new house. There’s no need to build that here!

“An outdoor inn? Never mind, why turn a house into an inn? I want to have a cozy villa, it must be comfortable to live in.

“Snow Mountain Scenery? Singles’ Party? Secret Garden? Lotus Pond? Why are these all so small? No, those are not going to work. There will be many living here in the future. I must have a gigantic villa!

“Snow white? This isn’t bad. Love in July? Two stories, this one is not too bad either. Ink Picturesque Jiangnan? Three stories?”

Looking at these two villas, Cheng Xiao Xiao was torn. Should she picked Snow White, the one with the name that she liked so much, or Ink Picturesque Jiangnan, the more practical one?

In a few moment, Cheng Xiao Xiao finally decided on Snow White. After all, it’s large enough for the time being. It being two-stories, that’s plenty spacious even if her parents move in!

As for the rest, she’s got time in the future. She could always buy another one should the need arise. This one she would be able to put to use right away.

Once she had her mind made up, she made the purchase right away. Luckily she had accrued a million in-game currency. The $240,000 villa was but a drop in the bucket!


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  1. she had 1 million, she spends 250,000. only a drop in the bucket...

  2. This buxket is even smaller than the smallest cup for alcohol I have ever seen.