Wednesday, August 14, 2019

TWQQF ch 159 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (12)

“I am sorry, I can’t do this. Master should assign this to someone else!” replied Eleventh Elder nonchalantly.


Master Cheng’s face changed color and the others looked on incredulously. Within the Cheng’s, Master Cheng outranked any elders. Normally, the elders must listen to the master as it was their role to assist the master of the house in handling family business.

When the master assign a task to an elder, they must follow the orders, unless over half of the elders object, that would be the only way to override the master’s order.

But now all elders supported the decision to have Eleventh Elder take on this assignment and he openly declined. This was no doubt a challenge to the master’s authority. Master Cheng was enraged.

The protest from Eleventh Elder even moved First Elder. He slowly opened his eyes and a beam of bright light went straight toward Eleventh Elder.

Master Cheng scolded angrily, “Eleventh Elder, if you disobey my order, I can banish you from the Circle of Elders!”

“Sure, go ahead. As long as it pleases you, you can banish me from the family even!” Eleventh Elder stood up calmly and started walking toward the door, “If this family is all about profits and not caring about your family, I don’t care to be a part of it!”

“You stand right there, Eleventh Elder! Don’t you dare!”

Master Cheng jumped up abruptly and shouted angrily at his back. Eleventh Elder never looked back and disappeared from the parlor shortly!


When his authority failed, Master Cheng shouted like a mad man. The other elders all turned away and pretended that they didn’t see anything.

Of course, they were all surprised at by the actions of Eleventh Elder. He didn’t care about being banished from the family?

Has he gone insane?

“Look at you! You are not behaving like the master of the house right now!” Looking at the angry man,  First Elder scolded him lightly in discontent.

Master Cheng still couldn’t control his angry. Angrily, he said, “First Elder, just look at the behavior of Eleventh Elder. He ignored all our family rules. We must not take this lightly!”

“You want to punish him? Then just banish him from the family!”



Everybody there was shocked. They looked at First Elder with disbelief. Certainly they must have heard wrong!

“What? You don’t want to?” The voice of First Elder slowly float into their ears, confirming what they thought they  have heard. But it was still incomprehensible to banish someone of the martial king level for such a minor infraction!

Yes, incomprehensible!

At this moment, nobody could figure out why First Elder gave this order!

The First Elder ignored everybody’s reaction and told the Master directly, “Send the words down. Eleventh Elder blatantly disregarded a direct order from the Circle of Elders and is banished from the family. The entire branch of his family must be completely moved out of Emperor City within three days!”

After saying that, with a flash of his silhouette, First Elder disappeared in front of everybody.

The remaining elders exchanged looks with each other; they were neither happy about the decision nor did they wish ill will upon Eleventh Elder. Everybody was baffled by the sudden decision of First Elder.

When the order of this decision was passed down, the Cheng’s was plunged into chaos!

Eleventh Elder didn’t seem to be too overly surprised. He remained silent from all questionings and had no desire to explain anything as though he has resorted to his fate!

Finally, he told his own family to pack and leave as quickly as possible!


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  1. I am guessing that the First Elder has been wanting to get rid of the 11th for a while now.

    1. You mean the First elder just found a way to show FAVOR to the 11th. At least to me the 1st actions is clearly to set the 11th free since he is the only reasonable one.

  2. Or the only reason he did that was so he could go to willow village, and get into the good side of the other Cheng's.

  3. He knows the 11th elder have no place to go other than willow village if he thinks what is best for his branch. Well that is if he is a bit thick-skinned.

  4. Thx for the update ~♥~
    So it's a conspiracy in a conspiracy.. This first elder is smart n maybe the one with a brain still good n intact in the whole Cheng family ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. I dunno. The first elder sounded pretty sleazy if you ask me. =D