Friday, August 2, 2019

TWQQF ch 147 - Taught Every One A Tough Lesson; Dimension Leveled Up (20) [BONUS PART]

“Oh, simple! Mr. Mo is weird and Miss Cheng is odd. I am sure they will make a good couple!”



Amused by Jun’er’s simple reasoning, the palace mistress and her daughter couldn’t help but snickered and laughed softly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao, far away in the village of Willow, would never in her dream imagined that the sister she had only met once was so enthusiastic to set her up!

That being said, back at the town of Daling came another grandiose troop. Under everybody’s watchful eyes, they arrived at Lai Yue Inn.

Upon hearing the news, Deacon Bai rushed to welcome him. He bows at the mysterious young master and led him the most elegant courtyard in the back.

Two hours later!

The mysterious young master summoned the two Deacons, with great respect Deacon Bai cupped his hand and greeted the man sitting in front of the table with a cup of tea, “Eldest Young Master!”

“Where the heck is Innkeeper Zhu?” This mysterious young master was, indeed, Zhu Xiangyu. Following his father’s order, he had arrived at the town of Daling on his way to make the delivery!

Being asked, Deacon Bai immediately updated the eldest young master with the status of Innkeeper Zhu.

“He’s at the Cheng’s?”

Obviously this was the first time he had heard about this, he was a bit surprised. Squinting his eyes a bit, he said, “He was able to stay at the Cheng’s. Very nice, there’s certainly some accomplishment. I hope he won’t disappoint me!”


The two deacons present dare not add anything to his comment. Zhu Xiangyu took a look at them and, slightly dissatisfied, said, “Don’t just stand there like a piece of log, anything special happenings in Daling or Willow lately?”

“Yes, Elder Young Master, according to the scouts we’ve sent out, all the people from School of Divine Condor was kept at the Cheng’s to help them with physical labor!” Deacon Bai reported the most interesting news that took place recently.

Upon hearing that, Zhu Xiangyu’s hand that was holding the tea cup paused in midair. He was too surprised, “They are doing physical labor? How is that possible? Tell me exactly what had happened, don’t spare any details!”

“Yes, Eldest Young Master. Words had it that three students of the School of Divine Condor was handicapped by the Cheng’s. So the associate dean rushed here from the School of Divine Condor and took with him an instructor and a bunch of students to reason with them….”


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