Sunday, August 18, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 17 - What a Dashing Man! (3)

She whipped her head around abruptly and her vicious face froze. Oh god! Was she… was she looking at an angel? That face was so handsome it didn’t even look like a real person: his skin was flawless like that of jade. Under his thick and tall brows were long and rich black eye lashes with built-in eyeliners. His straight nose looked that it was carved by God himself, she couldn’t find any flaws with it even if she tries. His full lips made one want to reach over and tastes it’s sweetness. He was clothed in a white robe that was fluttering in the wind. His entire body radiating a sacred glow under the sun.

Gu Ye couldn’t help but gave him a wolf whistle as she exclaimed, “Wow! Fairy brother…”

Ling Juechen experienced instant emotional turmoil in his heart. The familiar way of talking, the tone of a hoodlum, and the look that was lustful but not lewd…. All these said to him that this scrawny little girl with an yellow hue, who looked like a malnutritious refugee, was the same girl that he had been missing for two life times.

He never thought that fate would brought them together again!

In their past lives, when he found out that there were dozens of wild beasts at her assignment location, he knew right away that that was a set up.  Tried all he might but he only made it in time to witness her body disappeared under the beasts. He gave it his all but was only able to get back her torn up body.

So what he destroyed all the mutated beast after that, and all those who were involved in setting her up. What good did that do? She wasn’t going back. He had lost all purpose to live so he died with his opponent in a combat. When he woke up again, he had became the grandson of General of the country of Yian…

He built an all-reaching dark power from the ground up – the Hall of Hidden Souls, and continued to grow his power. He used power and blood to try to fill his empty soul. He succeeded the General and claimed the title of a noble. Even when he was so powerful, every now and then he couldn’t help but wonder – would she have rebirthed into the same parallel universe? If so, would he ever run into her again?

He never expected the most desperate plead from his soul would be answered. Perhaps Heaven was touched by the depth and commitment of his love for her and sent her back to him…

Perfect, this was too perfect! Gu Ye was oblivious to anything else other than him. The eyes that sparkled like starlight stared straight at the unearthly body. The face that was so handsome that even heaven and earth would be jealous was exactly her type. In her past life, she had seen all sorts of handsome men, but none could measure up to this one in front of him. Too handsome, too pretty, too beautiful!! Gulp! She swallowed hard.

Ling Juechen’s smile deepened. Her habit of staring at pretty men hadn’t change a bit! Unfortunately, he was too masculine in his previous life, which was probably why she had never given him the chance. He wasn’t her type. But, this time around, he was very glad at such a pretty face that his old self would have hated. He didn’t believe she would be able to resist a face that was so pretty that it could make one forget to breath.

Mei mei, are you okay? Let me see!” Gu Ming rushed over and, with his trembling hands, looked her up and down carefully as though she was an art piece made of ceramic. It was so lucky that he wasn’t met with her crushed body.

Eh? How was it possible that his sister was floating in midair? Was she blessed by deities?

Gu Ming finally noticed the vine wrapped around his sister’s waist; and the other end of the vine was held in the hand of a man dressed in elegant white clothes. Earlier, all his attention was focused on his falling sister. He never had the chance to notice the man who leaped down from the cliff.


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  1. Oh my! What an interesting twist. Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the chapter! We meet the ML!

  3. Yes. A new and interesting twist! So refreshing.

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