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Resplendent Apothecary ch 22 - Never Stopped (1)

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Having a pretty good idea of how Mrs. Gu was, Li’jie reminded the kids to be sure to keep their mouths shut and not to cause Gu Ming and Gu Ye to get a beating at home after eating their pheasant meal. All the kids nodded solemnly and promised they wouldn’t speak a word of it.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Wu, who was extremely disgruntled at not being able to get her hands  on the pheasant, had already told the entire embellished version of the story to Mrs. Gu.

When Gu Ming and Gu Ye arrived home, Mrs. Gu had already have water boiling, just waiting for the pheasant so she could start pick off it’s feathers! She immediately noticed that the two of them have nothing in their hands, their bellies were quite rounded, and Gu Ming even let out a burp inadvertently. Even Mrs. Gu could figured out what had happened. The enraged Mrs. Gu grabbed the broom and smacked it down straight onto Gu Ming and Gu Ye.

Gu Ming tried to protect his sister and was struck a few times on his shoulder and back. His neck was scratched by a few strands from the broom head. He didn’t care that he was hurting but just shouted at his sister, “Mei mei, run! Hurry up and run!”

Da Zhuang blocked Gu Ye and had a death grip on Gu Ye’s shoulder and even used his other hand to pinch Gu Ye a few times.

Watching how Gu Ming was protecting his head and couldn’t even look up from the beating. Gu Ye elbowed Da Zhuang’s Shan Zhong point located in the front center of his chest. With a loud, painful cry, Da Zhuang dropped onto the group. He should consider himself lucky that Gu Ye’s small body couldn’t do enough damage, otherwise he would be dead by now! Even so, he would still be hurting for quite a while.

Picture: Shan Zhong (RN17)1

Gu Ye slammed into Mrs. Gu with her body like a cannon. Mrs. Gu wasn’t expecting that and stumbled from the impact. She stabilized herself quickly and swung the broom at Gu Ye.

Gu Ye dodged it with cat-like reflex. She grabbed Gu Ming, who now have a lump on his head, and dashed toward the door leading outside. Mrs. Gu gave chase on her two stubby legs.

A hazelnut appeared in Gu Ye’s hand out of nowhere and shot out of her hand with the speed of a bullet. It hit Mrs. Gu right on her ankle. Mrs. Gu immediately felt an excruciating pain in her calf and stumbled onto the ground. The inertia was so strong her body continued to travelled a short distance on the ground. Her nose was scuffed up and her forehead bruised.

It didn’t matter that he was still hurting. Gu Ming couldn’t help but pointed at Mrs. Gu and laughed out loud upon witnessing that.

Mrs. Gu struggled for a while on the ground before she was able to get back onto her feet. She was in so much pain it was as though she had fractured her leg bone. She grimaced from the pain and was no longer able to case after the siblings. Her mouth, on the other hand, did not take a break. She pointed at Gu Ming and Gu Ye and spewed out all sorts of profanities.

Even though this was her second chance to live, Gu Ye never knew one could come up with so much profanity. All sorts of horrible words pouring out of Mrs. Gu irritated Gu Ye.

“Mrs. Gu, was that fall not enough for you?” Gu Ye looked grimly at Mrs. Gu, her dried and emaciated face was icy cold.

Mrs. Gu sat on the ground and held her foot with both hands. Her triangle eyes widen when she heard Gu Ye’s voice and she shouted at her, “Damn child, so it was you who did all these!”

“No! That was your retribution! Retribution for subjecting my brother to your beating!” said Gu Ye nonchalantly. Looking down at Mrs. Gu from a higher vantage point, she looked like she was a victor.

Mrs. Gu paused briefly and started spewing profanities all over again, “What retribution! It’s all you here making stuff up! Just you wait! I will get to you one day!! Contemptible girl! Miserable wretch! You dare treat your seniors this way? You will go to the deepest part of hell when you die and never be reincarnated!”

“Oh yeah? I think you will be going to hell way before me!” said Gu Ye coldly. “The deities are watching how you treat the two of us, scolding and beating us all the time. Even the deities couldn’t watch it any longer. How else did you hurt your foot for no reason? That’s retribution sent down to you by the deities!”



1. I was hoping for a fancier English name, but alas, it was literally just called RN17. There will be no “RN17” in my translation, so pingyin it is! J

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  1. Thanks for chapter. Nice of you to take time to translate, Appreciate it.

  2. Thank you! I enjoy this novel very much.

  3. Chinese Name: Shan Zhong.
    English Name: Chest Center.
    Location: In a depression on the midline, on the sternum, level with the 4th intercostal space.
    Attributes: Front-Mu (Alarm) point of the Pericardium. Influential point of the Qi.

    Thank you for the chapter my friends!!