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TWQQF ch 146 - Taught Every One A Tough Lesson; Dimension Leveled Up (19)

Before long, the Palace Mistress had heard all about the family of Cheng Biyuan, including all the news that had stirred up everyone recently, and all about the meeting between Gong Zixuan and Cheng Xiao Xiao.

After listening to all of it, the Palace Mistress was quiet for a long while. And Gone Zixuan did not disturb her. The entire study was quiet.

After a long while, the Palace Mistress looked up, started at her daughter Gong Zixuan and asked, “Xuan’er, what about you? What’s your take on all this?”

“Mom, I don’t necessarily think we need to find out all the details. Everybody has their own secrets, including us at the Palace of Mystical Beasts. From an outsider’s standpoint, aren’t we full of mysteries as well? But we don’t share every details with everyone.”

“Uh, Xuan’er, you are quite right. No matter how the maiden Cheng became a master beast tamer, that’s her secret and that’s no need for us to get to the bottom of it. That will certainly be offensive!”

The palace mistress’s beautiful eyes sparkled and a gentle smile appeared on her jade-like face, “It looks like my Xuan’er had found herself a good sister on her trip!”

“My hunch says that little sister Xiao Xiao is a nice girl, not someone evil!” smiled Gone Zixuan tenderly, confidence filled her eyes.

“Mom believes in you!” Naturally the palace mistress knew about her daughter’s secret1, she asked, “Oh right, didn’t you say maiden Cheng gave you a gift? Take it out so I can take a look!”

“Yes, mom!”

From her dimension bracelet, Gong Zixuan retrieved a bright and shiny jade vine that looked like it has just been cut off from a the tree branch. Surprised flashed through the palace mistress’s eyes, “The mystical qi on this vine is strong, this is no normal vine!”

“Yes, mom, I also feel that this vine is full of life. No, I should say that it is a life. Anyhow, it gives me that sensation!” said Gone Zixuan seriously.

“Xuan’er you are definitely right, I have the same feeling as well!” The palace mistress picked up the vine and said, “That is quite mysterious that the maiden Cheng will possess such items!”

“I agree, mom. She told me when I am in grave danger, this vine can help me, or save my life, I wonder if that is true!”

“That is certainly possible!” nodded the palace mistress, “Regardless, this is very thoughtful on her part, that’s all you need to remember!”

“I understand, mom!”

“Palace Mistress, mistress, if young master Mo knows that Miss Cheng has these kind of vines, I am sure he will be very interested!” interjected Jun’er all of a sudden.

“Mo Xuanzun? Hmmm, as a marvelous mathematician who can predict the future, and his affinity toward anything odd or unusual, he just might go look for Cheng Xiao Xiao!”

“Ho ho ho….” When Mo Xuanzun of the Temple of Heavenly Plans were brought up, Gone Zixuan couldn’t help but smiled with her hand over her mouth, “I wish he knows about it, it’d be quite interesting if he indeed goes looking for little sister Xiao Xiao!”

“Oh, Xuan’er, you will let him go looking for her?” teased the palace mistress.

“Mom…” Gong Zixuan wasn’t smiling any more, “Mom, you know I have only thought of Mo Xuanzun as a brother. Will you please stop worrying? My little sister Xiao Xiao isn’t bad. Maybe they will hit it off!”

“Palace Mistress, I feel that Miss Cheng and Mr. Mo will make a good couple!”

Not expecting that to come so abruptly from Jun’er, the palace mistress and her daughter couldn’t help but to exchange a look, they felt both surprised and interesting about her statement.

“Oh, why do you say that?” asked Gong Zixuan.



1.            What secret is this? :D


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