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TWQQF ch 169 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (2)

But when he tried the Cheng’s iced tea, a surprised look appeared on his face and he couldn’t help but to ask, “Master Cheng what kind of herb have you added to the iced tea? It was so smooth and comforting!”

“HOHOHO….” laughed Cheng Biyuan. ”You are right, we added some flower petals in the tea. The iced floral tea was my eldest daughter’s invention. Pardon us!”

“Iced floral tea. Excellent, there’s floral flavor in the tea, along with a hint of sweetness. It seemed complicated for iced tea, yet so tasty. This is wonderful!” said Zhu Xiangyu after a few more serious sips.

Cheng Biyuan merely smiled at his comment. He had a pretty good idea about the popularity of their iced tea.

Jokes aside, the quality of these floral flavor was fit for tribute for the royals!

After two cups of iced tea, Zhu Xiangyu looked around and it had just occurred to him that a very important person was missing. He couldn’t help but to ask, “Master Cheng, how come I haven’t met elder Miss Cheng yet? Was she avoiding me on purpose because she didn’t want to be introduced?”

“Ah, you are funny, young master Zhu!” Cheng Biyuan put down his cup and explained in a soft voice, “Young master Zhu came at an inopportune time. Xiao Xiao left this morning on a trip and won’t be back for a few days!”

“What? Elder Miss Cheng went on a trip?”1

Zhu Xiangyu frowned lightly. That was surprising. Meeting elder Miss Cheng was the real purpose of his visit. He didn’t expect her leaving on a trip.

“My daughter wanted to go around and visit the nearby towns. Everyone at the Cheng’s are  aware of that, we have no reason to lie to young master Zhu!”

Upon hearing Cheng Biyuan’s explanation, Zhu Xiangyu couldn’t help but glanced over at Innkeeper Zhu.

Sensing the young master’s look, he nodded subtly, confirming the words of Cheng Biyuan.

Zhu Xiangyu smiled and produced a fan. Fanning himself gently, he asked, “Master Cheng, I brought with me items that the Cheng’s need, you can check them in, but…”

He paused when he got here, then said, “As for the items specifically requested by elder Miss Cheng, I’d like to give them to her in person, I wonder if that will be okay with you?”

“Oh?” Cheng Biyuan glanced over at him and said, “Young master Zhu, this house is old and broken, it’d be disrespectful to offer for you to stay here. Do you plan on returning in a few days?”

“Master Cheng is being funny. This is the foothill of Mt. Wanan, well-known for its scenery. I plan on hanging out here for a few days and take a look around while waiting for elder Miss Cheng’s return. Of course, it’s not necessary for Master Cheng to arrange for dwelling for me. If you will just provide me with three meals a day, I will be very grateful!”

It was obvious that he intention was to stay at their place, that was another surprised for Cheng Biyuan. Of course, he wouldn’t turn him down either. No matter what Zhu Xiangyu’s purpose was, he  was not worried.

Smiling, he responded, “Young master Zhu must be joking, as long as young master Zhu doesn’t mind our simple meals, of course you are welcomed to stay here!”


Zhu Xiangyu clapped and laughed, “Awesome, Master Cheng. In that case, I will stay and bother you. Deacon Bai and his men will unload the goods and take off. We won’t let me become any additional burden for Master Cheng, HAHAHAHA….”

“Young master Zhu is so funny, we can still afford a meal for everyone!”

Zhu Xiangyu stayed behind and Deacon Bai took his men and returned to the city of Daling. Accompanied by Cheng Biyuan, Zhu Xiangyu got to tour around the Cheng’s new resident. Even for someone as refine as the young master Zhu, he couldn’t help but to praise non-stop how beautiful this new house was.


Random translator note:

1. How about some manner and not visit unannounced? Maybe send a messenger pigeon first to coordinate? :P


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  1. Please read part from "Hohoho" and redo. It's too tricky....

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