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The Resplendent Farming Apothecary ch 12 - The Incident of The Wild Hare (3)

Mrs. Liu lifted the cover of the pot and took a look before she let out a loud “OH!” and said, “You damned child, why haven’t you died from gluttony yet? Didn’t I tell you to save half the hare for tomorrow? Why did you stew them all? All you think about all day long is to eat! Why haven’t you die from over eating yet?”

“Oh, did you say that? I didn’t hear!” Gu Ye added more fire wood into the stove and started placing biscuits on the inside of the pot.

Seeing that Gu Ye no longer shivers and begged for mercy like she used to, Mrs. Liu was just overtaken by anger. She lifted her chubby hand and swiped right at the back of Gu Ye’s head.

It was as though she had eyes behind her back – right before the palm could make contact with her, she took a side step. Mrs. Liu, her full swing missing the target, stumbled forward and almost fell into the pot that was still stewing the hare meat.

Gu Ye got a little nervous; it wasn’t everyday that they have meat to eat, she didn’t want them contaminated by Mrs. Liu. She wasn’t all that interested in stew human.

“Oh, that smells so good! Mom, when are we going to have dinner? I am about to starve to death!!” Da Zhuang smelled the meat, walked inside the kitchen and headed straight to the stove. He was about to reach his black paw straight into the boiling pot to grab the hare meat.

Mrs. Liu couldn’t care about hitting Gu Ye anymore but grabbed her son’s hand right away and shouted, “Get away from it. Do you not want to keep your hand any more? That will burn your hand right off!” Even though her words were mean, the love in her voice was unmistaken.

“Meat, meat! Mom, I want meeeat!” Xiao Zhuang shuffled over and mumbled as he hang onto Mrs. Liu’s leg.

“The meat was not done yet. Go wash your hands and wait by the table. Da Zhuang, take your little brother out to play, don’t let him get burned!” Mrs. Liu was very loving when it comes to her own offspring.

Not too long after that, dinner was ready. In the split second that Mrs. Liu turned around, Gu Ye quickly filled half a small bowl of hare meat and stashed it away into the dimension. Mrs. Liu picked up the plate of hare meat with radish and frowned deeply – was the quantity of the hare meat off? But she had been here the entire time when the hare meat was cooking. No way that thief of a girl would steal food from right under her eyes. Was the hare just too skinny?

“Head of household, this damned kid Gu Ye just wants us to go broke. She cooked all the hare meat. Should we… should we save half for tomorrow morning?” Looking at the plate full of hare meat, Mrs. Liu felt like her heart was bleeding. This wasn’t eating meat, this was like gouging out her heart!

It was often that they could feast on meat, Gu Qiao waved his hand and said, “Nah, it’s hot today. It will go bad by tomorrow. We worked all day long, might as well treat ourselves to some meat!” Having said that, he picked up a piece of hare meat with his chopsticks and put it inside his mouth.

While stewing, Gu Ye added some anise, cinnamon, bay leaves along with some MSG and cumin. The hare meat was not gamey at all, rather, it has an unique kind of flavor. Gu Qiao praised non-stop and even handed over a chunk of hare meat to Gu Ye.

The hare meat was quite substantial, even though Mrs. Liu was scowling like she was watching out for thieves, Gu Ye was still able to get quite a few pieces of hare meat. Delectable hare meat, hearty meat soup, Ge Ye finally had a hearty meal since she has transmigrated.

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