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TWQQF ch 150 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (3)

Seemingly remember her old days, the sadness on Mrs. Cheng’s face was even more apparent.

“Mom, don’t worry!” Cheng Xiao Xiao was a bit touched, this mother truly have her best interest in mind. Gently, she said, “Mom, I have said this before. I will choose my own husband, someone that I like. If he dares let my days be difficult, I will simply divorce him!”1

Amusing by Cheng Xiao Xiao’s words, Mrs. Cheng chuckled. In a playful complaining voice, she said, “That’s silly talk! Women don’t [initiate] divorce their husband!”

“Sure! Me! If he’s not obedient enough, I’ll divorce him!”

“You! Who will dare to marry you!”

“Well, if nobody wants to marry me, I don’t have to get married. I will just stay home with mom!”

“Hrm, I don’t want an old maiden. It’ll make me lose face!”

“Ouch, mom, that is hurtful. Are you saying that your face is more important than your precious daughter?”

“Hrm, hrm. Of course my face is more important. If you don’t look for a suitable family, I will kick you out of the house!”

“I wouldn’t dare, mom. How about this, I don’t marry out, I can find a husband to marry in. How’s that?”

The two of them chatted and walked toward the house at the same time. After the random conversation, Mrs. Cheng had since changed the conversation and didn’t ask about the “business” again.

The day at the Cheng’s returned to it’s usual quiet and busy state!

On Mount Wanan, Liu Tianshan carried a large bucket of water with him and shouted out loudly as he walked on, “Water! Water for sale! Any one who wants water better come over soon! Two mystical stones for one bottle of mystical water! Better hurry! Last call for mystical water for the day!”


An angry voice came from the woods. Liu Tianshan stopped on his way and was not upset at all. Looking at the enraged person, he said, “Instructor Mu, would you like some water?”

“Give me a bottle!” said Mu Qingtong through gritted teeth.

“One bottle coming up!” Carrying the bucket of water, Liu Tianshan approached him quickly, calling out as he walked, “Hurry up to get your water! Even Instructor Mu is buying water now! Come quickly, we will stop selling soon!”


Veins could be seen bulging up on his forehead. Mu Qingtong stared at him viciuosly, his eyes widened. It looked as though he wanted to eat his flash.

Liu Tianshan paid no attention to the way he was looking at him. After he had filled his water bottle and returned it back to him, he continued to call out, “Come get your mystical water quickly! Last call for mystical water!”

“Okay! Stop shouting! Give me a bottle!”

“The evil Cheng’s, charging so much even for the water!”

“If I buy the water now, I won’t be able to afford to eat today!”

“Who else has extra mystical stones to loan to me?”

A few unkempt bodies came out from the woods. While they were talking, they all stared angrily at Liu Tianshan. In the last few days, they were about to lose their minds from the way they were treated by the Cheng’s. They had to trade for any food!

The worst part of it all was that there were no food, drinks, any accessories in the woods. So they had no choice but to buy from the Cheng’s!

Some of them have already used up all everything that they have with them for trading and had to rely on the help of others. How could they not hate the Cheng’s? Every time they heard the food or water calls they wanted to beat them to a pulp.

But, they didn’t dare. Even though there were a lot of them, but they were still no match for the Cheng’s. There were simply nothing they could do.

Even if it’s just Liu Tianshan by himself, these students still dare not take any actions. As soon as they move in on him, a group of azure wolves or white tigers would appear behind him!



1.            In ancient China (granted, this is a parallel universe), women don’t initiate divorces, and it’s a big deal when a women was divorced by their husbands. Practically the woman’s life will be over.


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