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TWQQF ch 170 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (3)

When he saw the Cheng’s mystical well, other than being amazed, there were also a complicated look hidden deep within his eyes. Then when he saw the Cheng’s range and the big stretch of mystical fields, he was amazed over and over again!

That afternoon, young master Zhu found an excuse to go and wander around mountain range of Mount Wanan.

Now that the entire province of Qing’an belonged to the Cheng’s, young master Zhu couldn’t help but to ask for permission from Cheng Biyuan. Cheng Biyuan had no reason to stop him so he agreed that he could go look around, and feel free to seek help from any servants as he sees fit!

After he had left, Cheng Biyuan didn’t have time to take a break. More and more people have been visiting the Cheng’s and asked to meet with Master Cheng, head of household, Count Zhongyuan.

Recently it has been all levels of government officials and rich merchants. Ever since the emperor’s intention has been announced, they were aware that the power has shifted, and Qing’an Province now belonged to Count Zhongyuan instead of the royals.

Their owner has shifted, naturally they would need to come and greet the real power holder. Afterall, Count Zhongyuan has the authority to do with any one of them as he pleases.

Cheng Biyuan was overwhelmed by all these visits. Luckily there’s Innkeeper Zhu there staying with the Cheng’s. Without hesitation, Innkeeper Zhu stepped into the role of the Cheng’s steward and helped in handling all these matters.

As Cheng Biyuan was new to the role, he didn’t have anyone trustworthy helping him out. As for the officials of various levels within Qing’an Province, none of them made a move. Granted, all the tax payments and tributes that they have been paying to the royals would be going to the Cheng’s going forward.

Bringing with them the tax payments and tributes was the main purpose of their visits. These items filled the bank of the Cheng’s and bringing a smile to the worried Mrs. Cheng. She busied herself in inventorying on these items.

Cheng Xiao Xiao had no idea that these events were going on at home. Of course, she wouldn’t have ignored them anyway even if she knew. Since she had left the house anyway, she was going to take care of her own objectives first.

Speaking of, Cheng Xiao Xiao had no intention of buying more servants. Mainly she hasn’t started her experiment yet and didn’t know how that will turn out. It may not be a good thing to purchase too many too soon.

After spending the morning in town, Cheng Xiao Xiao also purchased some essential daily items and left town with Qing Zhu and Lu Zhu.1

They did not attract any attention when they were in tow. After walking for about two hours in the mountains, the two were drenched in sweat and obviously out of breathe. The mountainous roads were taking a toll on the two of them, who were not used to being out in the wilderness.

Seeing that, Cheng Xiao Xiao realized that the two had already reached their limits, so she took them out of the woods and into a valley not too far away.

“Mistress, where are we going?” asked Lu Zhu, sweating and panting.

Even though Qing Zhu hadn’t said a word, but his face was full of suspicion too. Naturally, he hasn’t entirely let his guard down.

A kid ten or so year old, coming from a poor family, he was way more mature than he should be for his age. He had already noticed that his mistress has been taking them deeper and deeper into the mountains. That was very unusual and started to feel alarmed.

Cheng Xiao Xiao, who had been quietly observing them, nodded. These two kids might not be the best, but they were good natured, and they were not stupid.

After stopping at a slope with thicker foliage and difficult to be seen even if there were others in the mountains, Cheng Xiao Xiao stopped and produced three water bottles. She gave them one each and said, “This is the water I have prepared. Let’s take a break here before we continue on!”



1. Not a typo. If you have been following the names closely, this author swapped Zhu Qing to Qing Zhu at this point.


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