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TWQQF ch 203 - Moving Into The New Resident; Bending The Will of Heaven (5)

“Ugh….” Zhu Xiangyu’s expression froze, but quickly he smiled at her again, “Well, Xiao Xiao, that’s hard to say. I might have agreed with your statement this morning, but now, I think there are something that’s worth me guarding!”

After saying that that, his shiney eyes looked straight at her pretty face with burning passion!

If he have done this to any other normal girl, having such a young and talented man professed his fondness to her. She would probably be sky and ecstatic.

However, the one he was doing it to was Cheng Xiao Xiao. In her old world, she had heard all sorts of proclamation of love. His subtle suggestion was nothing compare to those!

She looked coldly at him for a while before she said, “If there’s nothing else, I suggest young Mr. Zhu Xiangyu to take off. Things are hectic around here right now; it’s really not a great place for entertainment!”

Having said that, she turned and walked out of the bamboo forest and didn’t pay more attention to his reaction.

The smile on Zhu Xiangyu froze. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Staring dumbfounded at her back, he couldn’t speak another word.

His trick had worked every other time, so why did it fail this time?

At this moment, Zhu Xiangyu looked at this maiden of the Cheng’s in a whole new light. At the same time, he noticed that he was developing more and more interest in her.

“Young Mistress, Zhu Xiangyu is fond of you now!”

Little Yuteng’s voice rang next to her ear, Cheng Xiao Xiao pulled back the corners of her mouth and asked, “How is it that you think everybody has a thing for me? You got anything new to say?”

“Because that’s what it looks like, Young Mistress. But this one is not as fun as that genius mathematician!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao heard her words right when she was walking out of the bamboo forest. She slowed down, gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t bring up that jerk in front of me!”

“I wonder if that genius mathematician will be able to locate Young Mistress?”

“Shut up!”

“Young Mistress, if I have to guess, he will be here soon!”

“Shut up! When did you become so gossipy? What’s going on with the dimension?”

Since she had walked out of the bamboo forest, there weren’t any places that she could take cover in order to flash into the dimension. Not to mention that there were a bunch of people waiting around in the house trying to figure out their secret. She didn’t want words about the dimension to get out.

“Young Mistress, there were simply too many items. The dimension is still sorting it all out; we can’t tell how many levels it will go up just yet. But, I think we will at least get to level 50!”

Little Yuteng’s voice was full of excitement when talking about the dimension, and just like that, Cheng Xiao Xiao had successfully changed the subject.

“Good, you keep an eye out and let me how many level it went up after ward!” Cheng Xiao Xiao was feeling hopeful too.


While they were chatting, they had walked in front of a series of rooms. All these rooms were for the accommodation of the workers. It has been over a month since the construction began and all these rooms were ready to be moved in.

As soon as she arrived to this side of the structure, she saw Innkeeper Zhu walking out of one of the rooms. A smile appeared on his slightly chubby face when he say Cheng Xiao Xiao and he said, “Miss Cheng, it has been a while. So glad you are back!”

“It’s has only been half a month!” smiled Cheng Xiao Xiao. She looked at the man who seemed to have gained another round of weight and said, “Thank you for all your help during this time.”

“Ah, that is no problem, Miss Cheng!”

With a careful smile, Innkeeper Zhu said, “Miss Cheng, if you have a moment, I’d like to discuss with you the status of the servants!”

“Sure! I was just about to ask you as well!”

“Miss Cheng,  we now have 14 maids and 20 houseboys. After a month of training, they are in too standings now. But I feel that 4 of the maids and 7 of the houseboys aren’t very suitable working for a big family!”


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