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Resplendent Apothecary ch 29 - Slingshot Wasn't That Difficult! (1)

In the following few days, every time Gu Ye came to check on the traps she’d always find games inside of the two traps. Not once were they empty. Sometimes there were even more than one animal.

She looked around the area and didn’t notice any signs of small animals breeding around the area, so where did these games came from? Did they simply fall from the sky? She shrugged; she didn’t believe food would just fall from the sky!

But since she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when she examined these animals, she stopped worrying where they came from. As long as there was meat to eat, who cares where they came from? Other than when she was researching and developing medicines in the laboratory, she didn’t tend to concern too much with details and also had poor ability to take care of herself. That was yet another reason why Ling Juechen kept on tossing games into the traps.

Gu Ye’s body improved visibly after having herb infused pheasant soup for six to seven days in a row. Gu Ye’s scrawny face no longer resemble that of a skull; even Gu Mind had gained a little bit of weight. But the biggest change was that they looked much better than before and no longer looked pale and weak like they used to.

Gu Ye was started to get tired of having pheasant soup and, after a couple days of roasted pheasant, she lost all interest in pheasant. When more appeared in the trap, she just processed them simply and stored them inside the dimension. She’d exchange them for finer white flour and rice when Shopkeeper Qian comes next time. She had had enough of coarse biscuits!

As for wild rabbits! They were too gamey; the only way to prepare them properly was to braise them with heavy spices. They only appeared in the traps once or twice. When that happened, she’d skinned and air dried them before storing them in the dimension.

When Gu Ye didn’t return with any games in a couple of days, Gu Ming was worried that she’d be disappointed. He comforted her immediately by saying that, “In a few more days, when we wrapped up in collecting wild vegetables, I will head into the mountain again and place a few more traps. I am sure we will get more games than we do right now!”

Ge, didn’t you promised me that you won’t go into the deeper part of the mountain alone?” Gu Ye pretended to be unhappy and looked at him with her unreasonably large eyes disapprovingly.

Gu Ming immediately added, “Of course I am not going alone! I will go with Zhang Lihu and his dad when they go into the mountain. You know they have even hunted bears before!”

Gu Ye searched her vague memories and recalled that Hunter Zhang had, indeed, brought back a blind bear before. But he also said that the blind bear fell into a trap all on it’s only and was nearly dead when he arrived. That being said, Hunter Zhang was the only one in the village who dared to go inside the deep part of the mountain; they have earned the respect of the villagers.

Gu Ye wanted to go inside the mountain to look around again, but she hadn’t had the right opportunity. Perhaps Gu Ming was too traumatized from her falling off the cliff that other day. Now everything they went into the mountain, he’d tell her to not go too far away and always made sure that she was within his sight before he’d go about collecting wild vegetables. Who’d have thought that a doting brother would became such a sweet burden?

Ge, what kind of bird is that on the tree?” Gu Ye had learned that there were many tasty birds in the mountain. She couldn’t help but to ask when she saw the grey bird perching on the tree branch when she looked up.

Ling Juechen, in his hiding spot, already have a small stone in his hand and trying to find the right timing to knock down the pigeon. The gluttonous look on Gu Ye had pleased him greatly. In their previous lives, may of the birds had already gone extinct; edible animals were not remotely as abundant as they were here.

Gu Ming looked up on the tree and said, “Oh, that! That’s a pigeon! I have heard that pigeon soup is way more nourishing than pheasant soup. Mei mei, I will go and borrow Zhang LIhu’s slingshot tomorrow so I can shoot them down and make soup for you!”

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