Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 24 - Smart Girl (1)

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A little bothered, Gu Ye scratched her head. Was she being too overly sensitive? How come she felt someone looking at her the moment she stepped out of her bedroom? But, with her unrivaled observation, she scanned the entire courtyard and didn’t see a soul. That was simply too odd!

Gu Ye did feel lucky that this body possessed extremely good senses, be it eyesight or hearing, even her taste buds were stronger than an average person. Naturally, that could be both good and bad. She had no idea how the original owner tolerated the usual meals that were worse than pig food!

Ling Juechen hid under the moonlight. Even though he was wearing all white, it still looked like he was blended into the environment. Even a skillful person would not have been able to notice a trace of him. He stared intently at the small silhouette. He didn’t even blink, for fear that he’d miss even one minute actions that she was doing.

The little brat sneaked over to the window of the main quarter and checked left and right. Suddenly a spray can appeared in her hand. Ling Juechen raised his brows: So the dimension transmigrated with her. Then why was she still in such a pitiful shape? If he was correct, he speculated that she had transmigrated the few days before she was tossed into the mountain. It had been almost 20 days and she was still scrawny from malnourishment. Oh girl, I think you are a bit too overly cautious.

Should I…. send her some rice, noodles, meats, and vegetables? But, he had only met her once, briefly. What would be the reason of him sending her stuff?

On this end, Ling Juechen was thinking long and hard how he could improve the brat’s meals; on the other side, Gu Ye had already sprayed the sedation mist through the window into the room. Once she had confirmed that everybody was sound asleep, Gu Ye removed the latch on the door and walked inside oh-so-righteously.

“You beat me! You scold me! You bossed me around like I was your slave! So you think you are all that?! I ought to teach you a lesson so you’d think twice about it next time!” With each line that she said, Gu Ye slapped Mrs. Gu once on her fat cheek. Even her palms were turning red!!

“Oh, so you like yelling at people? Let me sew your mouth together and see how you are going to do that from now on!!” Gu Ye took out some extra large needles and sewn a few crosses over Mrs. Gu’s lips! Her anesthesia-grade spray was used normally during a surgery, non-toxic and no side effects and better than most other kinds of anesthesia. She spent all these time on Mrs. Gu’s lips and she was still sound asleep.

“Oh, shoot! That was a bit much!!” Gu Ye removed the stitches. Her actions a bit on the rough side and Mrs. Gu’s lip swelled up to the size of sausages.

“Perhaps… I should just yank out her tongue? I did say she will go down to hell and her tongue would be yanked out!” But she quickly overturned her own idea, “I will have to reach my hand inside her mouth, that wasn’t very sanitary!”

Ling Juechen listened to her talking to herself and a familiar feel rose up in him. She was just like how she was before, her habit of talking to herself while she was focused on a task hadn’t change a bit!

“Forget it. I will just use my own brand of ‘dead silence’ powder and let her be muted for a month! Aye, I am such a kind person!!” The little girl shook her had and sighed while pouring a bottle of pink powder into Mrs. Gu’s mouth.

This little girl, all the medicines that she had researched and developed were of bright colors. At the beginning nobody would even dare to buy them from her. After she was well-known for her skills, her medicines were hard to come back even with lots of money. Even her failed work or partial work were well sought after!

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