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TWQQF ch 194 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (11)

The crane rotated its head and body and ignored it’s owner. He was way too talkative; it was even too much for a mystical crane to bear.

The young man seemed to already be used to the crane’s behavior. He smiled and didn’t pay it any more attention. He took a look over the entire valley and sighed, “I haven’t been back in three years and look what this place had become. If master and xi mu find out, they will be sad. I am such a nice person, I should find some time and come back and tidy this place up. I must let master and xi mu feel comfortable. Aiya, there’s so much to take care of….”

He went on and on for a while before he turned his attention to the person lying in the middle of the garden.

When he caught sight of the perfect and beautiful face, he shuddered and couldn’t help but reached out and touched his own chest. He said uncontrollably, “Oh no, Xiaohe. My heart’s beating out of my chest. What is going on. Am I sick? Do you know, Xiaohe?”

“……” The mystical crane pretended that it couldn’t hear him.

“So fast. Why did my heart suddenly beat so fast after I saw this girl? I must take some medications. Xiaohe, what should I take?”


The mystical crane let out another loud chirp and resorted to turning and walking away. It wasn’t going to pay him any attention at all!

“Hey, Xiaohe! How could you be so heartless!” scolded the young man at the back of the mystical crane as it was walking away. Hearing those words, it almost took a tumble after it heard his words. Finally it flapped it wings and flew away quickly.

“Aiya, Xiaohe. How could you do that to me? I, your owner, merely grumbled a little bit about you and you just ditched me like that? Ai, you are so lucky to have someone kind like me as your owner; otherwise, I’d pull out all of your feathers. Hrm!”

After going on and on for even longer, he carefully turned his attention back to Cheng Xiao Xiao. With a mischievous look in his eyes, he stared at the pretty girl in front of him for a long time before he came to.

His lips were shut tightly, giving it a perfect shape. Blinking lightly, he said to himself, “No wonder I have calculated that something was going on over here; a beautiful girl was here waiting to be saved by me.

“Hmmmm, should I do some calculation on whether we are good match for each other?

“No, wait! She is hurt. I should check on her first!”

After finally making a decision, he looked back at the person who wasn’t looking too well. A flash of light flashed passed his ink-black eyes. His perfect lips formed into a curve and he smiled, “Since fate had brought me to you, I will be generous and give you a revival dan.1

Upon saying that, the young man produced a jade bottle in his hand and poured out a pill that has an underlying gold color and fed it to Cheng Xiao Xiao.

Seeing that she was able to swallow it, he smiled with satisfaction. Then he pulled out a handkerchief and cleaned her face. A beautiful smile radiated from his handsome face.

“I must do some calculations to see if we are related. I certainly hope so, otherwise I have given away too much without any returns. I have always taken advantage of others; I never let others take advantage of me. Miss, you certainly  wouldn’t do that to me, would you?”

As he was mumbling non stop, he started calculating2 with his slender fingers. He tried and tried, and the smile disappeared from his face. His frown deepened, as though he was getting progressively more unsatisfied with the result.

“No, wait. That’s not right. How come I can’t get the result? I am genius mathematician, I can calculate the fate of everybody who walk this earth. Why is it that I can’t see into her future?

“That can’t be right. Let me start over again…”

Starting over, this time he used both of his hands. They moved faster and faster and he looked worse and worse.

“No, wait. I am still not getting anything?!”



 1. a pill that shapes like a sphere (not circular and flat like western pills)

2. By “calculating” here, it’s really like a form of fortune telling. They use a method of “calculating” to see the future. I tried to look for a video to no avail, but imagine the way of “calculating” is touching the tip of one’s thumb to the tip of the other fingers back and forth in random order. Just want my readers to get an mental image of what he was doing. J That being said, this character is hella annoying; he talked too much. J


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