Wednesday, September 11, 2019

TWQQF ch 191 - An Unexpected Loot; Grade A Male God (8)

Coming out of the wooden house and making a turn, they found themselves standing in front of a sea of flowers.

“What an artistic person. This is totally a secret garden. The owner of the wooden house knows how to please a girl!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t give it too much thought but just assumed the owner of the wooden house is a man. There was no particular reason, it was just what her guts told her.

“Blue ginseng, blue orchid, sweet alyssum, winter daphne, cloudy red…..”

Seeing all the bloomed flowers as she stepped in, she couldn’t help but to call out all of their names.

“Young Mistress, what kind of flowers are these? They are so pretty!!” asked little Yuteng from one side.

Cheng Xiao Xiao looked over to where she was pointing and smiled, “Those are blue delphinium. They are pretty, aren’t they?”

“Yes, very pretty. Young mistress, why don’t we collect these too? We can allocate fields in both the dimension and Willow Village so we can grow these flowers for you, what do you think?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao was very tempted by little Yuteng’s suggestion. She nodded and smiled, “Okay, you digt them out, I’ll collect them. They might help us level up the dimension as well. These are all rare specimens!”

“Yes! We can’t miss out on these!”

Little Yuteng was ecstatic. A small spade immediately appeared in her small hand and she went ahead and dug out the blue delphinium.

“Young Mistress, what is this called?”

“Heart lotus. It is pretty, dig it out!”

“Okay, Young Master, what about this one?”

“Crystal peony.”

“Young Mistress, what about this one that looks like lilies?”

“Blue water lily.”

Inside the garden, Cheng Xiao Xiao and her fairy continue to dig up whatever they saw and liked. They didn’t even notice that they have already ruined the once very beautiful flower garden.

A loud cry suddenly came from the outside while they were busying themselves, “OH!!!”

An intimidating voice seemed to have came from the sky. While standing there, Cheng Xiao Xiao suddenly felt her blood rolling inside her, followed by a deadly voice, “Which idiot stole my previous herbs?”

“Damn! Damn!”


Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t hold back her roiling blood and spit out a mouthful.

Even the always confident little Yuteng turned pale. Her body shivered uncontrollably!

“Collect!” Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t think give it a second thought before she sent little Yuteng back into the dimension.

Danger! Way too dangerous!

Cheng Xiao Xiao had no idea what was the level of the cultivation of this person, but she sensed danger. This was definitely not someone she could confront.

Return to the dimension!

Right when she was about to flash back into the dimension, her face and her entire body froze. She was terrified.

“It was you!”

“Exploding sounds next to her made her ears rang as though the entire universe had deafened. She couldn’t hear a thing.

Of course, that really only lasted a brief moment. Under Cheng Xiao Xiao’s terrifying look, a azure silhouette appeared out of the blue. An expressionless middle-aged man stared at her like he could eat her alive.

“Little brat! It was YOU who stole all my precious medicinal herbs, wasn’t it?”

She couldn’t move. Nor could she talk. Cheng Xiao Xiao felt like she had turned into a wooden puppet and became a helpless lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

“Give them back!”

Another round of ringing in her ears and roiling blood. The pale Cheng Xiao Xiao could do nothing but looked at the middle-aged man whose face was twisted from anger. She wanted to talk, but he wasn’t letting her talk….

Unfortunately the man was so angry he wasn’t comprehending her look. He thought she wasn’t willing to return his herbs.

“Oh little brat, you are asking for it!”


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  1. OK,show me the plot armor.
    Going to make him fall in love that she speaks?
    Is her head going to go into overdrive and collect him into the garden and poof he's in brainwashing central?
    This is the point I dislike most with stories.
    The little Yu disciple Yu Wang needs to teach this girl that stealing without consent of a godly master is a no-no.

    1. *moment she speaks...
      Though it was the godly master that did the non-consensual, non-returning borrowing.

  2. Я уже говорила в прошлой главе, что она поступает плохо. Ведь все эти драгоценности принадлежат кому-то.
    Thank you very much!!!♡

  3. Maybe she'll learn not to be so greedy. She could have just taken one of each (as I recall, her farm can create more once she has one). No need to steal the entire field of herbs and ruin the beautiful garden

  4. Middle age man? Not old man, well because cultivation maybe he still look young lol.. thank you