Monday, September 2, 2019

TWQQF ch 180 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (13)

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Bighead Chi cried and laughed at the same time, “God had finally returned my prayers! HAHAHAHAHA….”

“Finally, this day had came… HAHAHAHHA…”

When they heard his maniacal laugh, everybody there was dumbfounded. They never knew that this passionate person; the one who was particularly cruel to their “preys”, all these were just for his revenge!

The half-dead Flower Monk finally understood why his own minion would suddenly attack him. So it was the deed he sowed himself, no wonder Bighead Chi would risk everything to attack him.

If it was the first stab from Bighead Chi, as a martial spiritualist, he would at least had a chance to fight back or escape.

“You, why, why did you help her?!” Flower Monk struggled to ask the question that had been bothering him the most.

If all Bighead Chi wanted was to revenge, why would he make a move without the certainty that he’d succeed? With his ability, killing him was entirely out of the question!

But, he did, in fact, made a move on him! Flower Monk could not figure it out!

Cheng Xiao Xiao had the exact same question as well. She was also curious why Bighead Chi decided to give up everything to make such a risky move. He may have died for nothing.

“Simple, because Miss didn’t seem like a commoner. I figured she had powerful backings behind her. As long as I could help her escape, you won’t be able to get away unscathed either. Your end will be near, HOHOHO…”

“So that’s why I didn’t care if I’d die, I just want Miss to escape in exchange for your life. As long as you’d die, it doesn’t matter if I die before you. As long as you’d die!”


Flower Monk was dumbfounded and so were the others. Cheng Xiao Xiao was a bit surprised, but also had an appreciation for his intelligence. He was right about the fact that if he had helped her escape, she’d indeed had brought others to come back and annihilate all these people!

What he didn’t expect was that she could take care of all of them just by herself!

Bighead Chi’s strong determination to avenge his family had touched Cheng Xiao Xiao. She was certain that Flower Monk was responsible for way more than seven lives. She wouldn’t be surprised if it was upward of 700!

“Okay, Bighead Chi. You can have Flower Monk to do with as you please!”

“Thank you. Thank you, Mistress!” Bighead Chi thanked Cheng Xiao Xiao as he wiped away his tears.

Cheng Xiao Xiao felt amused that she had inadvertently gained a minion. The effect of the dimension was quite handy!

“Of course!” Little Yuteng chimed in.

“He’s good, worth us recruiting!”

“Yes, he has good nature. Young mistress, we got lucky!”

“I guess we did!”

As she was interacting with Little Yuteng telepathically, she glanced at everybody that were still here. Everybody that she looked at recoiled uncontrollably. They had already lost all desires to resist.

“Bighead Chi, what do you know about this woman?” She couldn’t trust any of the bandits, so she had to ask her new recruit.

“Reply Mistress: she is Flower Monk lover and is also up to no good,” said Bighead Chi as he looked at her with despise. He continued, “She was every bit as vicious as Flower Monk. She couldn’t stand attractive women. Every time Flower Monk brought women back, none of the pretty ones lasted over three days. She had tortured them all to death!

“And that wasn’t even the end of it all. She’d then carved their hearts out and stir fried them for Flower Monk. Their flesh would turn into fillings of buns for the rest of the crew.”

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  1. Well that just escalated in a dark way. Thanks for the chapter.

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