Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 30 - Slingshot Wasn't That Difficult! (2)

While Gu Ye was a bad cook, she was very picky about her food. Days of having strong herb flavored pheasant soup made her not even want to think about soup anymore. Perhaps pigeon soup would taste different?

Immediately after Gu Ming had finished saying that, a young adolescent voice came from not far behind them, “Xiao Ming’zi, what you trouble maker talking about me now?”

Gu Ye turned around and saw a stocky and honest looking young man. With slightly darker skin, thick brows and large eyes, this was Zhang LIhu, son of Hunter Zhang.

“Lihu ge, do you have your sling shot with you? I just want to shoot down the wild pigeon so I can make soup for my sister.” Gu Ming looked up and smiled at the young man as he waved at him.

Zhang Lihu strolled over in big strides and ruffed up Gu Ming’s hair with his hand as he said jokingly, “With your skill? Our sister would be lucky if she can have your pigeon soup by this time next year! It’s just a pigeon, watch me!”

Zhang Lihu fished out a crudely made slingshot from inside his chest. The elastic portion of the slingshot was made from quality deer tendon. It has great elasticity and a long range. He was the only one in the village with anything like that. He treasured it quite a bit.

Zhang Lihu bent down and picked up a nicely shaped stone and set it in his slingshot. He aimed at the wild pigeon grooming it’s feathers in the tree. He released his left hand and the stone shot out. Unfortunately, he missed! The startled wild pigeon fluttered its wings and flew away!

Zhang Lihu scratched his head embarrassingly and chuckled, “Mistake, mistake. Um, sister Gu Ye, do you like turtledove? I can shoot a turtledove for you…”

Unfortunately, today was not his lucky day. After a whole morning, he wasn’t able to shot down anything. Zhang Lihu felt very embarrassed.

“Lihu ge, can I take a look at your slingshot?” Gu Ye was itching to give it a try. She has a compact one in her dimension, which was a gift from iced face. It was perfect for hunting. Unfortunately, she had never had a reason or opportunity to take it out.

Normally, the slingshot was Zhang Lihu’s treasured item and he wouldn’t usually allow others to lay hand on it. He hesitated when he heard Gu Ye’s request. The super protective Gu Ming wasn’t happy with his reaction and immediately said, “Lihu ge, you’ve already referred to my sister as ‘our sister’ and said that you treat her as though she’s your own sister. She just wanted to take a look at your slingshot, what is the big deal? Then why do you refer to her as ‘sister’? Lihu ge, I never pegged you as such a petty guy!”

Hearing that, Zhang Lihu immediately responded, “Who said I am petty? I was just worried that our sister will hurt herself inadvertently as she had never used one before was all. Sister Ye-er, this deer tendon is very elastic, you be careful not to hit yourself with it.” He shoved the slingshot into Gu Ye’s hand as he said that while he stared squarely at the slingshot with his eyes.

This was a slingshot made from a “Y” shaped branch. The handle part was smoothed out meticulously. The elastic part was from deer tendon and even a small piece of skin from some sort of animal. Gu Ye flicked the slingshot a few times and quickly adjusted to its elasticity.

Coincidentally, a wild pigeon happened to fly over their heads at that very moment. Gu Ye aimed, pulled, shot all in one shoot action and a wild pigeon landed not far from them in their surprised looks.

Hiding in a tree crown, Ling Juechen’s lips twitched a little. With his amazing vision, he could clearly see that the pigeon that she shot down was a special messenger pigeon trained by the military.

Aye… to be able to be shot by that little girl and became her dinner, it has certainly fulfilled its mission! Ling Juechen had no concern whatsoever about why the pigeon was there in the first place.

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  1. Casually intercepting military pigeons, no big deal~

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

    1. In the MC's defense, she didn't know it was a military pigeon. To her, it just food. =D The intended recipient of the pigeon didn't seem to care. ^__^

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  3. This is how a foodie helped another kingdom to win a war the pigeon informed about an invasion xD