Tuesday, September 10, 2019

TWQQF ch 190 - An Unpexcted Loot; Grade A Male God (7)

“Jade ginseng!”

“Flame fruits!”

“Jade yellow!”

“Qinglan sword!”

Looking at all the precious herbs in the ground, Cheng Xiao Xiao continued calling out their names. Little Yuteng wasn’t shy about digging them all up from the ground with her little spade.


As soon as little Yuteng dug one up, Cheng Xiao Xiao would collect it immediately. The fairy-human combo worked together at an astonishing speed. The entire field of medicinal herbs, upward of several hundred plants were all collected in no time.

“Hahaha, this is awesome!”

“Not enough, I wish there are more!”

Looking at the empty field, they two couldn’t stop laughing!

“Let’s go take a look!” Cheng Xiao Xiao was anxious to check out the dimension.

“Young Mistress, there’s no rush!”

Little Yuteng stopped Cheng Xiao Xiao just before she returned to the dimension. Pointing at the plum forest in front of them, she said, “Young Mistress, there should be someone staying over there. We should go and see!”

“You are right. These were probably planted by someone!”

It had finally occurred to Cheng Xiao Xiao. Immediately, she turned on her senses and expanded the area to the entire valley. She frowned after failing to detect anything, “What’s the matter? I didn’t detect anyone?”

“Young Misress, either the owner of this place had gone out of a trip or he or she is dead!”

“No matter, there’s no one here right now. Let’s go check out the place!”

“Right! There might be other good stuff!”

The human and the fairy immediately turned toward the plum forest.

“This plum forest is humongous!” exclaimed little Yuteng.

The plum forest looked to be over one kilometer wide.

“Exactly. I wonder who planted all these. This is amazing, planting so many plum trees. Come winter, this place will look like heaven on earth. I’d love to come and vist!”

“Young Mistress, if that’s what you like, we can plan some of these plum trees in Willow. That way we will be able to see heaven on earth too!”

“You are so right, we can carve out an area and plant several kilometers worth of plum trees. By then the scenery of Willow will be even more well known!”

“Yes, Young Mistress, don’t forget that we have our mystical bamboo forest on top of our plum forest and lotus pond. Young Mistress’s place will definitely be very well known! It will turn into true sacred land!”


While chatting, the two of them had already walked through the plum forest to the other end. In front of them stood a wooden house. The wooden house was quite sizeable, containing at least 6 or 7 rooms; definitely a nice place for a family.

“It looked like nobody had lived here in a long time!” Cheng Xiao Xiao pushed open the door and a suffocating smell came right at her. The living room was covered entirely by dust!

Little Yuteng flew around inside and said, “Young Mistress, I think the owner of this place had been gone for years. Just look at the thickness of the dusts!”

“You are right!” Cheng Xiao Xiao also walked inside the house. Looking around the furniture inside, she agreed with little Yuteng’s assessment.

All the furniture looked to be hand made, and, from the look of it, done by the same person. Cheng Xiao Xiao must say that the owner was extremely handy with his tools!

This skill alone would have been able to feed the entire family!

“Young Mistress, there’s nothing good in here. Let’s go look elsewhere. I think I saw some plants on the right side.”

“Oh yeah, what kind of plants?”

There really weren’t much inside the house so Cheng Xiao Xiao lost interest quickly and followed little Yuteng out of the house.


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  1. Hahahaha, они с начало все собрали и только после подумали над тем откуда они там и, что возможно их Кто то посадил. Я бы в первую очередь подумала откуда в одном месте столько драгоценных и редких трав. Они украли их. Хотя это, наверное не будет считаться кражей если хозяина больше нет. Вся эта ситуация очень смешная.
    Так же хочу сказать, что эта история очень интересная и спасибо, что переводите ее.
    Извините, но мой английский не очень хорош поэтому я написала на русском.
    Но если все таки Кто то переведет мой комментарий " желаю тебе хорошего дня " )))))
    Thank you very much!!!♡

  2. They should collect the plum forest and the little house too. You never know... There could be hidden secrets.

  3. And she doesn't feel guilty at all at stealing other people's things. Yuteng is a bad influence lol

  4. Thank you, picking something without owner is good in forest hahaha

  5. She doesn't have morals she should be taught a lesson. She did not want others steal from her but she like stealing from others... no morals at all.