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TWQQF ch 188 - An Unpexcted Loot; Grade A Male God (5)

Manager Yuteng could help others advance in their cultivation level?

Thinking about their own future, they all beamed as they looked at little Yuteng.

“What are you still standing around for? Go run!”

Under little Yuteng’s order, they immediately resumed running, including little Lu Zhu.

Cheng Xiao Xiao casted them a look and prepared to return into the house. She has total confidence in placing these people in little Yuteng’s little hands.

Same time, at the Palace in Emperor City!

Zhou Jinjiang was kneeling motionlessly in the emperor’s study!

The emperor, sitting on his dragon throne, paid him no attention. He was marking up memorials with red ink.

With one sitting and one kneeling, the only sound that could be heard in the entire royal study was the breathing of the two and the sound of brush pen writing on memorials.

An hour had passed and the even though his knees were going numb, Zhou Jinjiang still dare not move. Sweats were dripping down his forehead yet he dare not wipe them with his hand.

Finally, the emperor put down his brush pen and, lifting his head, took a quick look at the kneeling man.

The emperor of Dafeng was in his fifties. As he was also a cultivator, he didn’t look at age at all. Instead, he looked to be about 30 or so.

“You sure about this?” The emperor’s voice was not loud, yet the majestic in his voice caused sweat to pour down Zhou Jinjiang’s forehead.

Still, he kept his back straight and said in a deep voice, “I beg you to grant me my wish, your majesty!”

“It seems like you only have your bother in your eyes, not me….”

“I dare not!” said Zhou Jinjiang with discomfort in his voice.

The emperor picked up the ginseng tea on his table and slowly took a sip before he said, “What do you mean by you dare not? Don’t you want to abandon me?”

“Please forgive me, your majesty!”

Zhou Jinjiang understood the emperor’s personality. There could be no chicanery, no deceit. He must tell the emperor his true feelings, then maybe he would get the approval that he needed.

“Forgiveness? If I really want to punish you, I’m afraid the Cheng’s would come into Emperor City to pick fight with me!” said the emperor with unclear emotions.

“……..” Zhou Jinjiang lowered his head. He dare not respond to that line.

 The emperor seemed to have lost his interest seeing him like that. He asked again, “You can get up. I heard that the Cheng’s gifted you a mystical beast, can you show it to me?”

Purposefully or not purposefully, the way the emperor talked to this subordinate seemed to be more cordial and less regal.

“Your subject thank you, your majesty!”

Zhou Jinjiang got up slowly. After he had straightened up, he let out the fiery bird.

The fiery bird had been staying in the mystical beast pouch this entire time and was very happy to be out. It nuzzled its master with its head. Its affinity toward Zhou Jinjiang even made the emperor envious.

Rumor had it that those at the Mystical Beast Palace possessed their own mystical beasts; but very few in Dafeng own any mystical beasts. Now that he saw others having one, even as an emperor he was a bit envious. After all, he, too, was a cultivator.

“That is a beautiful bird. What kind of bird is it?”

“Your Majesty, it’s a Fiery Bird. One could ride on it and it could also breath fire in combat.” Zhou Jinjiang reached out and patted the bird on its head. He voice full of happiness.

A flash of envy crossed the emperor’s eyes. He nodded and said, “Great. Pretty and powerful. I see the Cheng’s treated you well!”

“Your subject is fortunate!”

“Yes, you are fortunate, but so are Cheng Biyuan!” The emperor had a mysterious smile and continued, “Back then, you were the only person who didn’t care that he was labelled a trash and maintained your friendship with him. It is only normal that he is returning you the favor.”


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