Thursday, August 22, 2019

TWQQF ch 168 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (1)

When the Cheng’s didn’t find Cheng Xiao Xiao after they woke up, they understood that she had already taken off.

The Cheng’s father and brothers were fine, but Mrs. Cheng was apparently in a foul mood and didn’t even want to have breakfast. It was as though her spirit had left with her daughter.

Cheng Biyuan wasn’t sure what he could say, so instead going to supervise the construction, he stayed behind to sit in the courtyard with her.

The two of them sat and chitchatted in the courtyard and before long, Liu Danhuang hurried in. Cheng Biyuan was surprised by that and asked, “Danhuang, what happened?”

“Master, Shi Mu, a group of people had arrived. I think they are with Deacon Bai!”

“Deacon Bai?”

Cheng Biyuan immediately thought of Zhu Bo, whom they have met once before. The items that he promised had yet to be delivered, were they here to make the delivery?

“Okay, let’s go take a look!” said Cheng Biyuan as he walked out of the courtyard.

Sure enough, not far from his house he could see a troop of men on horses approaching. And he could also tell the horse-drawn carriages carried a lot of stuff in them.

Cheng Biyuan was secretly happy. Right they they are in dire need of many items, this could have came at a better time!

A familiar face quickly came up front, it was indeed Deacon Bai who led the group. But when he saw the other strange face, he was take aback a little by surprise.

This young man look exactly like the lord of Green Mountain Manor, he must be the lord’s son. Cheng Biyuan hadn’t expected the lord to send his own son to deliver the items.

“Master Cheng, long time no see!” greeted Deacon Bai with cupped hands.

Cheng Biyuan greeted hi as well and asked, “It had been quite a few days. How have you been, Deacon Bai?”

“I am fine. Thank you for asking, Master Cheng!” smiled Deacon Bai, then, immediately, he introduced the one next to him, “Master Cheng, this is our young master, Young Master Zhu!”

“Hi, I am Zhu Xiangyu. Greetings, Master Cheng!” Zhu XIangyu examined Cheng Biyuan with interest as he cupped his hands and greeted him nonchalantly.

Even though he was being very polite, Cheng Biyuan could still sense a hint of pride. But that didn’t bother him, it was natural for younglings to have some pride, especially the ones with great accomplishments and talents.

As the successor of Green Mountain Manor, surely he has the conditions to be a bit prideful. Cheng Biyuan cupped his hand in return and said politely, “Young master Zhu is so polite. Young master Zhu came in person, pardon us for not meeting you far out!”

“No worries, no worries!”

After the exchanges, Cheng Biyuan led them into their courtyard. Afterall, the new resident was still under construction and they could only entertain guests at their old house.

Young master Zhu entered the courtyard and saw the simple and crude structures. He didn’t think poorly of them, afterall, regardless of what their standing was in the past, right now they have status that nobody could look down upon.

Not to mention that Cheng Biyuan now have the title of a count, Zhu Xiangyu dare not look at him differently.

Mrs. Cheng returned back into the house, leaving just the few of them in the courtyard. Innkeeper Zhu was attracted by the noises. He was both surprised and excited when he saw that the young master has came in person.

Especially after noticing the approval look that the young master was giving him, Innkeeper Zhu couldn’t stop smiling. Afterall, that was the whole purpose of serving their master and doing the best they could.

Soon, the maids brought over iced teas. For someone like Zhu Xiangyu, having iced tea in the summer time was not something special, so he wasn’t surprised by the fact that they have iced tea.


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  1. Right they they are in dire need of many items, this could have came at a better time!

    Right when they are in dire need of many items, this could not have come at a better time!