Tuesday, August 13, 2019

TWQQF ch 158 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (11)

Eleventh Elder sitting at the very end looked as though he hadn’t hear a word. He didn’t even stir, let alone expressing any opionions.

In addition to Fourth Elder, all the other elders also turned to look at Eleventh Elder. Everybody knew very well that of everyone present right there, Eleventh Elder was the closest with Cheng Biyuan.

As for them, they had only made matters worse in the past. None of them were able to put aside their self-esteem to go look for Cheng Biyuan now. So naturally want to accept the assignment.

Everybody was unhappy with Eleventh Elder’s reaction, especially Master Cheng, who was already in a foul mood, his face darkened even more and said, “Eleventh Elder, you seem to have some free time lately. We would like to trouble you go make a trip to Willow and tell that evil creature to know his place!”

“Master, pray tell what reason should I use?” asked Eleventh Elder expressionlessly as he slowly looked up.

Master Cheng paused for a second and said unhappily, “What do you mean?”

“Master, for as far as I can remember, we have crossed Cheng Biyuan and his family off the family tree three years ago. When have we added them back onto the family tree?”

A simple question made everybody present looked uneasy!

They knew full well that anyone that was not in the family tree were not considered part of the Cheng’s, regardless of their bloodline, they would not be recognized as a part of the Cheng’s.

For those belonging to this universe, the family tree was of utmost importance. A person without the backing of a family would be looked down upon. Being banished from one’s family was the ultimate punishment. It was equivalent to branding them as a criminal for the rest of their lives. They would never been able to be respected again.

The words from Eleventh Elders no doubt was to remind them that their past behaviors toward Cheng Biyuan had relinquished any rights of their to ask for anything from him.

However, knowing what Cheng Biyuan was awarded, how could they give up? Especially since their reputation and status have been in the decline in the past two years. What the Cheng’s needed the most right now are status and profits, how could they possibly give this up?

How could they?

“We can discuss about the family tree at a later time. No matter what, Biyuan was of the direct blood line. Nobody could change that!”

“We are a family. What’s in the past is in the past. We can’t dwell on that. We don’t want the Cheng’s to become the laughing stock!”

“Cheng Biyuan was the genius nurtured by us all. Our family had spent a lot of time and resources on him. He can’t just turn his back from us now!”

“When he got married back in the days, we’ve spent most of our family equity, he can’t not forget that!”

“Biyuan was one of our promising disciples, we have all poured a lot of effort over him. We can’t let some small disagreement got in our way. That’s no reason to break up a family!”

“I have always said that Cheng Biyuan was destined for great things. Had he never left Emperor City, this might have never happened. He should understand this more than anyone else!”


The elders had spoken what was on their minds one after another. Aggressively, Master Chen said, “At the end of the day, everything that he owned was given to him by us. He has no rights to object to any of our decisions now!”

Listening to all these people, Eleventh Elder did not seem to have much of a reaction. It was as though he was expecting those words from them.

Nonetheless, his look made everybody uneasy, it especially bothered Master Cheng, how looked at him sternly, “Eleventh Elder, everybody’s thoughts were clear. We will have to trouble you to make a trip to that evil creature and let him know to not think the his small accomplishment does not mean he could turn his back on his family. He would never have his accomplishments today without the Cheng’s!”


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