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The Resplendent Farming Apothecary ch 10 - The Incident of The Wild Hare (1)

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“Quick! Quick! Block it right there and catch it!” A ruckus came from 9th uncle’s field next to them. Gu Yu peeked over curiously and saw 9th uncle leading his three sons trying to catch a grey hare.

 With nowhere to go, the hare ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, dashing left and right in the field. All of a sudden, with a kick of it’s hindlegs, it went between 9th uncle’s legs and headed straight toward Gu Ye, who was standing there slicing off the heads of sorghum.

Fifteen years in the troubled world was no small accomplishment. Even though Icy Face referred to her as “loser with only 50% power”, but being at this place, she was still much stronger than most. She lifted up the sorghum stem and quickly, viciously, and accurately struck the hare on its head. The young body has yet to recover fully so it wasn’t very powerful. It was only able to knock the hare out.

Games in the mountains usually went to whoever that caught them. 9th uncle’s three sons looked very disappointed. When 9th aunt say that, she laughed and said, “Xiao Ye, that was quite an accurate strike on your part!”

Ge Ye giggled, “I got lucky.” After she said that, she even scratched her head in embarrassment.

 9th aunt took a look at the hare and said to her, “That is quite a chubby hare, at least 2-3 kg. You are still recovering, this hare meat will do you good.”

“That was only because 9th uncle and the brothers had already wore it out. It was already tired when it got to me, so I got lucky. I’d say that 9th uncle and the brothers contributed way more than I did. Let’s split this half and half!” That was the age when meat were hard to come by. Gu Ye knew that 9th aunt and her family had always been nice to her and her brother so she suggested not to take the entire hare.

“Oh you damn child. Are you stupid? We caught the hare, why would you want to share it with others? We have been running low on preserved meat. We have to exert so much energy for the fall harvest, we couldn’t get by without meat! This hare along with some radish and vermicelli would be enough for us for days!”

Mrs. Liu happened to witness how Gu Ye knocked the hare out with one strike. Just when she was walking over happily, she heard her generously giving away half a rabbit so she tried to stop her immediately. This useless brat, giving away their hare meat. Was she brain-dead?

Looking at Mrs. Liu’s greed-filled face, Gu Ye said expressionlessly, “9th uncle and his sons were the ones who discovered the hare. Not to mentioned they had already injured it so it was slow when it moved and that was the only reason I was able to knock it out.  9th uncle and 9th aunty only gave me all the credit because I was weak. My mother had always taught me to not take advantage of others and to always be appreciative when others are nice to me. I am already taking advantage of them by taking half the hare.”

Soon as 9th aunty heard that, and seeing Mrs. Liu’s expression, she was able to read this kid’s mind  immediately. If Mrs. Liu was to take the entire hare, Gu Ming brother and sister might not even get one bite out of it. The entire hare just might end up in the stomachs of Da Zhuang and Xiao Zhuang.

Once she realized that, 9th aunty decided to accept half of the hare. She wasn’t planning on taking advantage of the kids either. She planned to invite them over to her place when the hare was cooked. At lease they would be able to have a few more bites that way.

Enraged, Mrs. Liu lifted her sickle and aimed it straight at Gu Ye’s head. 9th uncle was alarmed. He took a step up and grabbed the sickle by it’s handle and snatched it out of her hand. “What do you think you are doing? What if you hurt the child?”

“9th uncle, I am teaching my kid a lesson, why must you interfere? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to strike me? Everyone, come and look. He is bullying me. My husband, you better come quick before your wife is beaten to death!” said Mrs. Liu as she plopped down onto the ground and wailed as she slapped her own thigh.


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  1. Damn... mrs lui is one of the worst I've seen

  2. This woman is something else!

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  4. why is she (bad woman) call him 9th uncle too?

    1. Good question. I didn't even think about it. The most plausible explanation is the relationship (age / generation) is in relationship to the kids. Like when you'd refer to the kids' grandparents as "grandma" and "grandpa". My best guess. =D

  5. The 'Next' link on chapter 9 doesn't work, and the chapter 10 link on Novel Updates also doesn't work. The chapter 10 link in your TOC does work, which is how I found the chapter.

    Many thsnks for he good job translating the series!

    1. THanks for the heads up. I will take a look when I get a chance.

  6. This author seriously like to write about abusive stepmother, starving little kids.
    I hope it won't take too long for the two to be sent away. I enjoy this author work and the way the author builds the story.
    Thank you for picking this up!

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