Thursday, August 15, 2019

TWQQF ch 160 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (13)

After their departure, First Elder personally inquired about Eleventh Elder’s whereabout!

The information he obtained did not make him happy; quite contrarily, he looked angry. Obviously things did not go as he had planned.

Finally, First Elder passed down another order, “Keep an eye out on him, and let him experience some hardship. Hrm!”

Other than the Cheng’s, the two at the city of Yin also had very different reaction. When Gu Gaoyi’s wife Yan Qingqing heard about the treatment of her son at the Cheng’s, she was so angry she started shouting about them loudly, cursing just about every member of the Cheng’s family!

Gu Gaoyi found that hard to believe. In his memory, Cheng Biyuan was someone who valued friendships and relationships. Knowing how he treated his son upset him a lot!

“Gu Gaoyi, I am going to make it clear right here right now. There’s no way this unruly brat of the Cheng’s is marrying to our family. You go immediately to Willow Village to cancel this engagement. I will never accept such an untalented and unkind brat as my daughter-in-law!”

Gu Gaoyi did not respond to his wife’s words. When he told her about the award from the royals, her arrogance diminished by quite a bit.

After a long while, the unreconciled Yan Qingqing said through gritted teeth, “I don’t care! You must ask for justice for our son. My son was not to be insulted by that unruly brat!”

“Stop calling her an ‘unruly brat’, her status is higher than yours now. Hrm!”

“What you hrm’ing me for? If you are so great then why don’t you go get yourself the title of a count too? You couldn’t, could you? Then you have no grounds to say that to me!”

“You! You are unreasonable!”

Gu Gaoyi, who was in a foul mood, got up and left!

Now that he was gone, even if Yan Qingqing wanted to continue with her tantrum, she no longer has an audience. She still felt unjust and continued to mumble to herself, “That damn brat Cheng Xiao Xiao, you think you could be so arrogant because of your dad? Hrm, just wait till you married into this family. I’ll let you know what it meant by obeying your husband. How dare you treated my son that way? Have you no respect for me at all?”

After Cheng Xiao Xiao had settled all the family matters on hand, she decided to go walk around the towns nearby and see if she could find anyone who would be of use to her family.

“Xiao Xiao, you are going out?”

Mrs. Cheng was plenty surprised when she found out. She didn’t think her daughter would be leaving the house at this hour.

Cheng Xiao Xiao nodded at her mother, “Yes, mom. I am going to take a trip outside. I will be back in a few days!”

“No! You are a girl, what do you mean to take a trip? I don’t feel comfortable with that. If you have anything matters that need taking care of, have your dad do it for you, or one of your shi xiongs. Anyone, but you can’t go by yourself because you are a girl!”

Mrs. Cheng didn’t even give it a thought but objected vehemently. After her daughter’s explanation, she continued to say, “Xiao Xiao, you have never left the house before. You have no idea how dangerous it is outside. All the cultivators, they will blow up over a verbal altercation and kill others. Others have bad intention and they will target girls like you. No matter what you have to take care of, listen to your mother, you can’t go out!”

“Mom, it will be alright, okay?” said Cheng Xiao Xiao while holding her mother’s hand and smiling, “Mom, am I the type that let others take advantage of me? No commoners are my match. On top of that, mom, you know that I have a lot of mystical beasts with me. I can just scare a bunch of people to death. Even if they are dumb and want to fight them. Okay, they maybe able to take on one. But what about two? Three? Eight? Ten? What about several dozens or even several hundreds?”


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