Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 18 - Right Up Her Alley (1)

“Gu Ming, this was the gentleman who saved Ye’er!” Li'jie, seeing the dumbfounded look on both of them, quicklly reminded them.

“Thank you, mister, for saving my sister!” Gu Ming knelt on the floor and solemnly bowed at Ling Jiechen and knocked his head against the ground three times to show his seriousness. He couldn’t image what his sister would be like right now falling from such a distance had this man not jumped in to help.

“Hey, how much longer are you going to carry me?” Gu Ye felt like she was a piece of ribs that was just being purchased from the meat market – tied up by a piece of rope and carried in one’s hand. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

Ling Jiechen lifted the corner of his stiff mouth slightly. He had always carried around a cold look; showing an emotional side was not easy for him. But, he understand how this girl worked; she was not interested in “cool” men, she liked the pampering kind.

“You…. Are you okay?” Ling Jiechen bent down and reached out his left hand at Gu Ye, who was now sitting on the ground rubbing her belly. His smile right now was as warm as the sun. His eyes that fully conveyed his smile sparkled like a night sky.

Gu Ye was attracted by the hand reached in front of her – what a beautiful hand! The fingers were long, the bones strong and even, the skin was fine and flawless – she was only too eager to reached out her bony little paws and placed it inside the large and warm hand. She even clawed a couple times in his palm with her fingers lustfully.

Ling Jiechen barely used any force and pulled the little girl up from the ground. The entire time she was still staring at his face with a foolish look; her hand grabbing on his tightly.

Mei mei, this gentleman just saved you, don’t forget to thank him!” Gu Ming yanked his sister’s hand out of his hand somewhat rudely. What was wrong with this man? Gu Ming didn’t like the way he was looking at his sister, and holding onto her hand without letting it go. Mom had said in the past, wealthy men always liked to chase after girls. No! He must protect his sister, even if it was from the man who had just saved her live. He must remain vigilant!

“I have no way of repaying you for saving my life….”said Gu Ye. If only her brother and Li’jie were not there, she would have added “teasingly” to this extremely good-looking man How about I just marry you?

Ling Jiechen did not miss the look in the little vixen’s eyes. He could more or less guess what she was thinking. To marry him? That would just be wonderful! His full lips, soft like pedals of cherry blossom, smiled subtly and said, “That was nothing, don’t even mention it.”

Gu Ming moved quickly in front of his sister’ body and, with a very fake smile, asked, “I am wondering what brought mister to our Mt. Cangmang?”

Ling Jiechen never taken his eyes off of the small and weak body of the little girl, as though he wanted to carve her image deeply into his eyes, “A senior in my house has not been feeling well. The doctor he would need the fruit of xuepo (snow soul/spirit) to guide the medicine. I have been asked around for a while before I found out they are only available on Peak Jiuchong (nine layers) of Mount Cangmang. I have been wandering for five days now and has yet to find out where Peak Jiuchong is. Perhaps one of you can point me in the right direction?”

He frowned slightly as he was talking, as though he was troubled by all the earthly matters. To Gu Ye’s pleasant surprise, his lips were slightly pursed when he was not smiling; his lower lip was full, it’s shape perfect. Even the tip of his upper lip was perfect! All those on top of his large and pure looking eyes, innocent like that of a fawn. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt like she wanted to fall in love. Face of a puppy love, that was her perfect puppy love face! Gu Ye was totally swooned by that face.

Even Gu Ming felt that the man was too ridiculously good looking! With a solemn look, he pointed toward the east and said, “That’s Peak Jiuchong. After you get out of the valley, you will be able to see a peak that was covered by snow year long when you look up. Just keep walking in that direction and you will be there.”


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  2. Mc where are your morals? You threw it out of the window!!

  3. This ML and MC are quite cute xD


  4. Uh, the ML is being quite creepy here. Doe he know that FL has transmigrated same as him? I sincerely hope so, because that would make things marginally less creepy, but how would he know? He just recognized her name, no? It's not like her name is particularly unique or anything.

    If he doesn't know that she's transmigrated... That just makes him a pedophile. Especially considering how he's from another age where people do not marry as young as they do here.