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TWQQF ch 161 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (14)

“Well, that….” Mrs. Cheng was dumbfounded, seemingly shocked by her daughter’s words.

Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled and said, “Mom, on the surface of earth. Others will be lucky if I don’t go bully them, who’d be able to bully me? Our mystical beasts will bite them all to death!”

“Xiao Xiao, for sure you are going to take your trip?” Hearing her words, Mrs. Cheng understood that her precious daughter was not going to change her mind!

Cheng Xiao Xiao looked at her mother and nodded.

“Aye, I understand that you are all grown up, Xiao Xiao, and have your own mind. But, Xiao Xiao, at least don’t go alone. Take your brother Zheng Yuan or your shi xiong Tianshan or Danhuang with you at least!”

Afterall, Mrs. Cheng is still worried about her daughter. She would like her to at least have a companion.

Cheng Xiao Xiao merely shook her head, “Mom, I have Yuteng with me. I don’t need anyone else. They will only hinder me!”

“Yuteng, oh, I remember her. That little dool!” nodded Mrs. Cheng. She had saw Yuteng previously when she was healing Cheng Biyuan. And she was also well aware of the fact that even though the little doll was tiny, but she was also very powerful.

The fact that Cheng Xiao Xiao would be accompanied by little Yuteng seemed to have comforted Mrs. Cheng. She said to her daughter, “Okay, if you must go, but at least wait and leave tomorrow. I want to pack some stuff for you, you hear me?”

“Okay, okay, I will listen to you, mom. I will leave first thing tomorrow morning,” replied Cheng Xiao Xiao quickly.

The first beam of light rose from the horizon and the crowing of the roosters and barking of the dogs could be heard coming from the ranch side.

Cheng Xiao Xiao got up slowly and enjoyed this rare quite and peaceful moment.

She got dressed and washed up. Looking at the beam of white light from afar, it looked like the beginning of hope in one’s life. All of a sudden, she was in an incredibly good mood.

Thinking about all the elders and younglings at home, she sighed. She felt that she need to go find more hands to help out around. As for the not so qualifying ones, she’d send them away when she returned.1

Life was different now. It wasn’t easy to find good help. She worked so hard in the hope to provide better quality of life for her family.

Thinking about that, she smiled. Heading toward the ray of morning sunlight, she headed outside of the village. She had already bid her farewell with her family last night, so she wanted to leave before it got too late.

Taking in the fresh air and absorbing the beautiful village scenery, naturally she must go on foot to get the most out of it.

She hadn’t have breakfast yet and the members of her family have yet to wake up, so Cheng Xiao Xiao left with an empty stomach and walked towards the marketplace.2

Afterall, she has some capital now. She could afford to treat herself once in a while and get some snacks from the marketplace.

Of course, Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t going to the town of Daling. Afterall, too many people know her there and she didn’t want any hassle. She decided to visit a different marketplace. It was a little further away, but that distance was nothing to her!

Approximately an hour later!

Cheng Xiao Xiao arrived at small town that was 50 kilometers away. If it was any commoners, it would have taken them most of the day.3

Cheng Xiao Xiao, in her plain clothes, followed the stream of people and entered into the marketplace. Quickly, she was already seated at a breakfast location and ordered a bowl of tofu pudding and two fried buns and enjoying them greatly.

Tofu Pudding

Picture: Tofu Pudding (Translator note: Some food porn for y'all today. :) This dish is very yummy dessert with gingery-flavored syrup. But in this case I think it was a savory breakfast dish. Yuck!)


Fried buns

Picture: Fried buns (with yummy crispy bottoms)
“Miss, how do you like this tofu pudding?” The older woman selling the tofu pudding saw the satisfying look on Cheng Xiao Xiao and couldn’t help but chatted with her. She was very happy that her own cooking was being appreciated.

Da niang, they are delicious,” said Cheng Xiao Xiao with a thumb up and a smile.


Random translator notes:

1. Correct me if I am wrong… there were only the 6 of them…. And none of them were handicapped… why do they need so much help? :S GAH!

2. Ugh, if I remember correctly, the market was some 4 hours away? =.= Maybe she was going to the Liu’s village? :S I didn’t think they have a marketplace…

3. Does that mean she is able to walk really fast? Because of her cultivation level? Or did she cheat and ride on a mystical beast for part of the distance? J


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  3. Examine the courtyard system. Each Courtyard requires gardeners, cleaning staff, repair staff, supervisors for all of the above, records keeping (All done by trained scribes) not to mention all the food service and martial arts training and support staff! some of it can and should be done by the students, yes... but there are also private training areas, open and restricted librarys, too

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