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Resplendent Apothecary ch 19 - Right Up Her Alley (2)

“Peak Jiuchong locates in the deepest part of Mount Cangmang and is full of wild beasts. Mister must be careful!” Who wasn’t drawn to pretty things in life? Even Li’jie couldn’t help but to give him advices.

Ling Juechen took a quick look at her and nodded ever so slightly before he turned back to Gu Ye and said, “Don’t worry, I brought with me two very skillful martial artists, those beasts won’t be able to hurt me! You be careful in the future, don’t be so naught now….”

As he was saying, he reached out a finger and touched Gu Ye on her nose, his look and voice filled with pampering.

Once again, Gu Ming stepped up and placed himself between his sister and the man before she could say a word, “Mister, Peak Jiuchong might seem very close, but it is at least a good five to six day walk. We shouldn’t hold you up from seeking herbs for your senior much longer. Mei mei, didn’t you say you like pine nuts? I know a place where we can find lots of pine cones. Come, I will take you there!”

Gu Ye was dragged along by her brother for a few steps before she couldn’t help herself and turned again to look at the fairy-like man in white and waved her paw at him. Aye, such a pretty man. She worried that she might never be able to see him again so the more she could look now the better!

Mei mei, you can just judge a man by his look, all good looking men are players….” Gu Ming was so worried for his sister right now. He worried that his sister’s standard for a man was lifted to an impossible level after today and she wouldn’t be able to marry. Surely, he wouldn’t mind supporting her for life, but he was afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle all the gossips around the village.

Ge, my hand hurts…,” Gu Ye couldn’t handle his nagging. Pitifully she reached out her little paw that was scratched up by dried grass and leaves.

Gu Lier and Gu Ming saw her scratched up paw and both felt bad for her. Li’jie took her to the side of a creek and washed out her wounds with pure spring water. Gu Ming collected some snake needle grass (Hedyotis diffusa) nearby and, despite it’s bitter taste, chewed them up and applied them on his sister’s hands.

Gu Ye looked at her hands now covered in her brother’s saliva and just wanted to cry. This was all her own doing. A million ways to change the subject but she had to ask him to take care of her wounds for her? When she got home she needs to go into the dimension and washes her hands a few times with disinfectants!!

Ling Juechen’s look lingered on the small back until she disappeared entirely out of his sight and he still didn’t want to turn away. Abruptly, all the warmth was gone from him and his eyes were icy cold. His beautiful face almost looked like it was covered in frost. It was almost as though it had gone from a warm spring day to a place that had been covered in snow for tens and thousands of years and made others wanted to stay as far away from him as possible…

“General, I found out the whereabouts of Peak Jiuchong…” Coming at him was one of his officers, his right hand man, Sun Yoou.1

“Mmm! Pass the words down, take half a day to gather everything. We will head toward Peak Jiuchong tomorrow!” His words might as well be mixed with shaved ice – they were cold, absolute, and no room for discussion!

“Yes, Sir!” Even though Sun Yoou had already served with him for ten years, he still couldn’t help but feel wholehearted awe and respect at times.

Ling Juechen, the youngest general of Yian. The god of military whose name itself could strike fear in those who heard it. The one who succeeded the title of General with all his incredible achievements at the age of 18. He was a legend of Yian that was impossible to surpass!

“Yin Mei!”2 His full lips formed into a straight line right now. The lines at the corners of his mouth suggestive of his reserved and self control nature.

“Yes, Sir!” A black silhouette appeared out of nowhere like a spirit all of a sudden.

“Go find out where that little girl came from!” When the subject of the little girl was brought up, Ling Juechen’s cold eyes thawed right away and even a hint of warmth appeared immediately.

“Yes, Sir!” Yin Mei cupped his hand and bowed. Just like his abrupt appearance, his figure was quick like a black thunder and he disappeared into the dark woods in no time.



1. Should be “Sun You”, but you can see how that will get confusing down the line. So for the sake of my wonderful readers, I added an “O” to his name. =D

2. Implied meaning of “hidden ghost”


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