Saturday, July 27, 2019

TWQQF ch 140 - Taught Every One A Tough Lesson; Dimension Leveled Up (13)

“You! You are such a jackass!”

Everybody was so angry that they could die while spitting out blood, but there was nothing they could do. They were on the Cheng’s turf!

Gu Junxian, who was leaning up against a big tree, watched coldly as all the event unfolded. His handsome face twisted and his hands turned into fist involuntarily. In his eyes were a sense of disgrace.

Nobody noticed him before, but with the reminder from little Yuteng, Cheng Xiao Xiao saw his expression and his look, and couldn’t help but to laugh coldly.

She was right that he was no nice guy. Forget about everything that had happened in the past, just what he had said today was enough for her to black list him.

Especially now that she had discovered how he could pretend to be so friendly even though he looked down on her family deep inside. That made her feel repulsive toward him. If he was at least upfront about it, she might still give him the time of day. But he was just a despicable person who didn’t act the way he truly felt. He wasn’t worth her time at all.

Of course, Cheng Xiao Xiao understand fully that these kind of vile characters could be very dangerous. One could fall into their tricks if one wasn’t careful enough. She must have her guards up around him; ideally, to take care of him altogether when the opportunity arise.

“Young mistress, should I take care of him now?” chirped the happy little Yuteng, obviously reading Cheng Xiao Xiao’s mind.

“This is not the time, maybe later!”

“Meh. Alright, we will mess with him later!”

“Ugh, yes. We will mess with him later!”

The associate dean’s anger had already subsided, he must admit that this was a very good move on Cheng Xiao Xiao’s part.

Not allowing them to take any advantage of them at all and lost all their faces and self-esteem. Suppressing all his disgruntled emotions, he interrupted the vociferous surrounding with a deep voice.

“How much for one lunch box?”

“Associate Dean, it’s 100 taels for one lunchbox. If you have mystical stones, regardless of size, it’s one stone for one lunch box. Same with any other precious items, one item per lunch box.”

“This is highway robbery!!” shouted Mu Qingtong angrily!

Innkeeper Zhu shrugged, “But we are not robbing anything from you. Eat or not eat, that is entirely up to you!”

“Give me one!” The associate dean shell out a mystical stone and took a lunch box from Innkeeper Zhu. After he opened it up, he didn’t care about others who were presence and started eating right away.

Normally speaking, with the associate dean’s level of cultivation, he could easily go without food for a day. But under the temptation of the mystical meat, he willingly purchased them with his mystical stone.

Now that the associate dean had already purchased his own lunch, even the others were feeling unsettled, they had no choice but to pull out their wallet and purchased this expensive but acceptable meals.

Once one person had bought a lunch box, everybody started following suit. The 40 or so lunch boxes were gone in no time.

“Oh my god, this is delicious!”

“The mystical beast’s meat at the Cheng’s is way better than what we had back at School of Divine Condor!”

“This smells so good! These mystical beast meats are so saturated with mystical qi!”

“That is not enough! Give me one more!”

“Are there any left? I want another one too! Hurry up!”

“Save another one for me! I’m not full yet!”

“Give me! Give me! I am first!”

“Don’t even think about it! This one is mine! Don’t even think about fighting me for it!”


Everybody started fighting while they were still eating, the few remaining lunch boxes were also all sold out. Innkeeper Zhu was speechless. He honestly thought they had made too much. He hadn’t expected that they’d be all sold out!

Had Miss Cheng really expected this?


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