Tuesday, July 16, 2019

TWQQF ch 129 - Taught Every One A Tough Lesson; Dimension Leveled Up (2)

Mu Qingtong stared at her furiously, but he was speechless. He knew about the meeting between Cheng Xiao Xiao and the three deacon elders from the nine to sects. Judging by the time of their meeting, it did coincide with the time that Ning Xunzong and the lot was attacked. So if they have to say that she was the culprit, that was a bit irrational.

No matter what he looked like, Cheng Xiao Xiao was looking severe. Looking at everyone in front of her, “You guys were quite blatant about coming here to bully us. I am tell you this now, you better give me an answer today. Otherwise, none of you are leaving here!” Her words were both determined and ruthless.


The associate dean was so angry his goatee was sticking up. He was just about to condemn her justly and severely when a loud roar came, “Who are you calling presumptuous?”

That was from Cheng Biyuan who rushed back from the construction. The veins were popping out on his head and his eyes burning with anger, he scolded, “Mr. Associate Dean. Have I, Cheng Biyuan, offended you in the past? Or why did you guys comes once, twice, and three times to pick on my family. Who is the presumptuous one here?!”

“You!!” The associate dean acted as though he was struck by a lightning. He was stunned. He stared oddly at this dignified and well-presented man in front of him. For a moment there, it was as though he had seen the high-spirited, well pampered and talented youth from 10 years ago.

He was no longer the dispirited person that he remembered him by, but exuding more majesty. He could almost see the young version of old man Cheng from the Cheng’s in Emperor City in him.

And, what was even more surprising was the fact that Cheng Biyuan was no longer a martial master, but a mid-level martial spiritualist. He had recovered his original cultivation! How was that possible!

Cheng Biyuan stared at the associate dean who didn’t know what to think, his eyes looked dangerous, and coldly he said, “Mr. Associate Dean, I believe our Xiao Xiao had already clarified. Whatever happened to your students had nothing to do with us. Yes you came here with all these people to condemn us, basing on nothing but the words from your students alone. Isn’t that kind of ludicrous?”

“Dad, didn’t they say it was us who did it? Well, in that case, let’s just do it. That ought to make them happy!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao stood proudly and looked at everyone while ridiculing them.

“Master, us too!”

“Mr. Cheng, we are on your side if they dare bully you!”

“You all are crazy! Xiao Xiao is a good maiden and you came here to blame something on her that she had not commit. Don’t you think you are crossing a line here?”

“As long as we are here, we won’t let you mistreat Mr. Cheng and his family!”

In addition to Liu Danhuang and the lot, the several dozens of villagers that have been helping out at the  construction site had also been drawn there by the ruckus. They have in their hands simple tools such wooden rods and metal spades. They looked like they were ready to engage in combat.

The group of fierce-looking villagers stunned those from School of Divine Condor. They had not expected them to be so well-liked by the villagers.

Right then, different kinds of emotions flashed pass their faces. They felt defeated, and the Cheng’s immediately felt vindicated! These folks from School of Divine Condor, coming here over and over again to bully them. They should have taught them a lesson way before then.

Gu Junxian, who had been standing in the far back, frowned slightly. He noticed that the Cheng Biyuan standing in front of him was very different than how he had remembered. He must say that he was even more austere than his own father. And his majesty rivaled any hero of their era.

“Your nephew Gu Junxian greeting Uncle Cheng and Aunty Cheng!” Gu Junxian strolled to the front and under everybody’s stare, bow slightly and greeted Cheng Biyuan.


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1.      A respectable way to refer to your teacher’s wife.




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