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The Resplendent Farming Apothecary ch 9 - Cooking Wasn't All That Difficult (3)

Mrs. Liu did not want to offend the patriarch or his family so she could do nothing but to pout after hearing what she said. She did, however, grumbled to herself, “That was quite chatty for someone who had no energy to speak.”

Mrs. Liu dashed over and snatched the basket over. Her eyes locked onto the preserved pork  like a hungry wolf eyed it’s prey. She counted the slices of the pork a few times, and took each biscuit in her hand to gauge their weight one by one. Then, staring viciously at Gu Ye, she growled, “You lowly girl, did you already stole some food and ate them back at home?”

“I didn’t steal and I didn’t eat. Others may not know, but wouldn’t you?” If it was still the original owner, she would have been terrified by Mrs. Liu’s vicious look. Yet Gu Ye acted as though she didn’t even noticed and merely answered her with a question in an even tone.

Anger rushed straight to Mrs. Liu’s head. She was just about to start shouting when she was interrupted by her own son, “I am starving! I am starving! Why did you deliver lunch so late? Were you slacking off at home?” said Da Zhuang as he reached inside the basket and fished out a biscuit.

He was just about to pinch off some preserved pork when Mrs. Liu smacked him on the back of his hand and said, “Have some manners! Your dad hasn’t even eaten yet. Don’t nobody touch this meat! Hey, father of the kids, come and have lunch. Take a break!”

Gu Ye gave everyone a bowl of porridge and Mrs. Liu started distributing the biscuits. Gu Ming and Gu Ye’s shares of biscuits already have 1/3 of them removed. Da Zhuang and Xiao Zhuang each got one slice of preserved pork and the rest all went to Gu Qiao. She didn’t even give one to herself so Gu Ming and Gu Ye definitely wouldn’t be getting any.

The braised dish with the two added seasonings were much tastier than before. Da Zhuang and Xiao Zhuang ate like they were about to starve to death with their chopstickers moving back and forth in high speed. Gu Ming, naturally, also reached out for the dish faster to match them. And he didn’t just get food for himself, he also put some in his sister’s bowl every once so often.

Gu Ye had just had the dough drop soup, she had only taken a couple bites of the biscuit before she gave the rest to her brother, “Ge, my stomach can’t quite take hard food just yet, else it might hurt again. Why don’t you eat this for me?”

Gu Ming accepted the extra share of biscuit. Then, when Mrs. Liu was distracted, he whispered in his sister’s ears, “I’ll go borrow some more rice from 9th aunty tonight and make you some porridge.”

“It’s alright. 9th aunty’s family don’t have that much spare food either. We can’t keep going to bother them.” Gu Ye was a bit hesitant. After all, she was just an aunty in the village. She didn’t want to ruin that little kindness by continuously borrowing from them.

“Don’t worry, little sister. As long as you are fine, we will repay all their favors one day.” Gu Ming decided that he’d go dig a few traps tonight and hope for the best.

It was then when Gu Qiao chimed in and said, “Ye’er, you body is still weak and can’t handle physical labor. Just take care of the meals from now on, as for other work…. Well, mother of the children, you might have to put up with them for a few more days.”

Mrs. Liu looked extremely unhappy, “I have to take care of both work inside and outside of the house. I am breaking my back and got no appreciation. On top of that, people pointed at me behind my back saying that I am abusing the kids. What am I getting out of all this?”

After finishing lunch, Gu Ye did not return to the house right away. She has decided to stay and help her brother with harvesting the two acres of field. Mrs. Liu had already made it very clear that if that was not done, her brother would not get to have dinner. To put things into perspective, even an adult could only harvest two acres of land in one whole day.

Gu Ming was the one in the front chopping down the tall sorghum plants and Gu Ye helped slice off the head of the plant and bundled them up. Naturally they were much more efficient with the two of them. Gu Ming was afraid his sister would be tired out too much and urged her to rest from time to time.

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