Thursday, July 18, 2019

TWQQF ch 131 - Taught Every One A Tough Lesson; Dimension Leveled Up (4)

“Junxian, you stayed out of this. We will catch up in a bit!” Cheng Biyuan said slowly; he didn’t want to give him a hard time.

Gu Junxian’s look was a little bit stiff. One could see the struggle in his eyes, but he finally nodded and stepped back.

The associate dean had recovered to his normal colors. He took a look at Cheng Biyuan and gave him a tender smile, “Cheng Biyuan, we’ve known each other for a long time as well. Back when you were a student of School of Divine Condor, I was your instructor. What? Do you no longer think of me as your teacher?”

The associate dean has decided to swallow his pride and pretend everything that had transpired didn’t happen. He smiled at Cheng Biyuan in a friendly way.

Nobody would have anticipated that the usually stern and arrogant associate dean would smile like a henchman, the change in his attitude was quite drastic.

Cheng Xiao Xiao gave him a look of despise directly but the associate dean just pretended that he didn’t see that. Smiling cheerfully, he said, “Maiden Cheng, according to your father’s level at School of Divine Condor, I should be your shi zu 1!”

Shi zu? What, you?” She had no respect for this goatee man. He was shameless.

Seeing that the young girl wouldn’t recognize him as her father’s teacher, the associate dean started shouting at the top of his lungs, “How dare you try to destroy your ancestry! What I said was all true! You can ask your father, back in the days Cheng Biyuan was in my class!”


A wave of her hand and a gigantic fly swatter swayed left and right in front of his eyes. Squinting, Cheng Xiao Xiao said, “Old man, we got a lot to settle. You thought you can just pull strings? Let me tell you this – don’t even think about it. Your School of Divine Condor is nothing but garbage. I couldn’t care less about it!”

“You little brat, what are you talking about?!”

At this moment, the smile on the associate dean’s face was gone and a tremendous chi exploded from his body like giant waves.

Yes Cheng Xiao Xiao was seeing illusions in her mind. It was as though it wasn’t an old man standing in front of her, but a terrifying monster instead.

Under the pressure of his tremendous pressure, Cheng Xiao Xiao felt suffocating and her face started to turn red.

She was too stubborn to back off. Standing straight up, she dared at him without even blinking.

“Let me tell you this – you can insult me, but you can insult our sacred School of Divine Condor!” said the associate dean enunciating each word carefully and solemnly.

This side of him immediately won the respect of all the students of School of Divine Condor. Everybody looked at him with respect in their eyes.

Cheng Xiao Xiao curled her lips in disdain, “Save it. I suggest you to apologize immediately. Otherwise we will strike you all out. This fly swatter of mine is no vegetarian, it’s carnivorous!”

“Yeah, you go, Xiao Xiao!”

Shi mei is right. You need to apologize quickly!”

“Apologize! Apologize quickly!”

Multiple villagers chimed simultaneously. The had inadvertently taken on the instructors and students of School of Divine Condor as their opponents, but even though none of them have any background in cultivation, none of them were afraid of these elite martial artists.

The well-respected associate dean felt embarrassed by the event. He didn’t expect Cheng Xiao Xiao to be unmoved by neither coaxing nor coercion. This had put him on the spot and he didn’t know what else he could do.

Even though he had just arrived at the city of Daling, but he had spent all day yesterday learning about the misunderstandings and conflicts between School of Divine Condor and the Cheng’s. His intention today was to throw their power around and suppress them. He didn’t expect that to backfire on him.


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1.   1. Shi is pertaining to school or study, as we have seen shi xiong and shi di previously. Zu is grandparents generation. In short, he was trying to pull rank on her.




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    "“Let me tell you this – you can insult me, but you can insult our sacred School of Divine Condor!” said the associate dean enunciating each word carefully and solemnly."

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