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The Resplendent Farming Apothecary ch 3 - Being Dumped in the Mountain (3)

Gu Ming straightened his body as best he could, his lips conveyed his determination. What was most important to him right now was his sister. If push come to shave… push come to shove, he could live in a cave with his little sister and he’d hunt and gather vegetables to sustain her.

The patriarch had an idea of the matters inside Gu Qiao’s house. But it was difficult to interfere with what was going on behind closed door. As long as he was informed of directly, he was letting it slide. But today, a live was almost taken, he’d have to stand up and say something as the patriarch.

“Mrs. Gu, you have gone too far with the incident today! Okay, you are all a family, there will be no grudges. All the air is cleared now! Old seven, why don’t you give your kids the words today to comfort them and make them feel better?” Gu Qiao was ranked number seven in the village.

Mrs. Gu was not buying that and she grumbled, “Give them what words? You are making it sounds like I was really abusing the kids. I am not admitting to that.”

“Mrs. Gu, do you really think you are fooling anyone? We all know what you are really after. You are after the late Mrs. Gu’s…..” A village woman who was closed to the real mother of Gu Ming and Gu Ye laughed coldly at Mrs. Gu. Her sight sharp like knifes as though she was going to peel back Mrs. Gu’s last privacy cloth.

Mrs. Gu turned pale and quickly cut off the village woman’s words, her pitch so sharp that it startled a few of the night birds, “Alright! Alright! What do the kids know huh? We are done messing around, go home with your mom and dad. I am the stepmother but he’s your real dad, he won’t stand by and watch others hurt you!”

She was certainly good with her words. It may have sounded like she was trying to comfort the kids, but really she was hinting at the fact that she was the one wronged.

Gu Ming knew it too well that he was still to young. Breaking up with the family right now would not befit him or his sister. He walked over to his sister, touched her little face, smiled and comforted her, “Mei mei, were you scared? Don’t worry, we have patriarch and all the uncles here today to witness this. No one will toss you out again. Ge ge will protect you.”

Gu Ye was watching the entire “drama” unfold in front of her coldly as a bystander this entire time. But the way the young boy cared about her wholeheartedly gave her a sense of warmth in her cold heart. In her previous life, she grew up in an orphanage. The love from a family was a luxury. This time around, her dream had came true finally, having a devoted brother. Perhaps transmigating wasn’t entirely an awful thing!

Gu Ming carried his sister on his back. The equally skinny Gu Ming was out of breath in a couple of steps. He stumbled and also fell on the downhill walk. Ninth Uncle, who lived next door to them, couldn’t stand by anymore and took Gu Ye from him and carried her down.

The half conscious Gu Ye was placed on top of a bed stove with a ragged straw mat and was about to fall asleep. After the clan members and the villagers had left and Mr. and Mrs. Gu returned to their quarters angry, Gu Ming pulled over a blanket with patches all over and placed it on top of Gu ye. Then secretively he whispered to her, “Mei mei, you must be hungry. Ge ge was lucky today and I was able to catch a fish. I made some fish soup when nobody was hope during the day time. Let me go heat it up and bring you some.”

Picture: bed stove

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After Gu Ming walked outside the room, Gu Ye looked down on her pair of dried and scrawny hands that looked like chicken feet. The original owner was 11 year-old, but her body was like that of a 7 or 8 year old. Her body the shape of a match and was all bones wrapped in skin. The thin veins under the rough skin looked very out of place….

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