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TWQQF ch 139 - Taught Every One A Tough Lesson; Dimension Leveled Up (12)

“Nice?” Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled, she didn’t think she was being nice!

Mrs. Cheng happened to overhear the conversation between the two of them and scolded lightly, “Zheng Yuan, stop being such a kid and stop with the nonsense!”

“Mom, that’s not nonsense! They were never nice people to begin with, why do we have to be nice to them?” asked Cheng Zheng Yuan, feeling unjust.

“You are such a child. You shouldn’t talk like that. When you go back into the mountains, remember to bring more water with you. It’s not easy to find water in the mountains!”

“Hrm! No way! Let them thirst to theam!”

“Look at you being such a child. That’s very unbecoming. You need to learn to be more generous and stop being so petty!”

“I have enough to eat!”

Cheng Zheng Yuan didn’t want to listen to his mother’s nagging anymore so he stopped his bowl and chopsticks and skidded out of there.

Seeing that her son had run away, Mrs. Cheng turned and look at her daughter, “Xiao Xiao, have some people send some water up into the mountains in a bit, okay?”

“Mom, don’t worry. I’ll send water. I guarantee there won’t be a shortage of water!” smiled Cheng Xiao Xiao brightly when she made promises to her mother.

After a while, when Cheng Xiao Xiao finally finished eating, she left the house slowly. She walked inside the bamboo forest and when nobody was around, flashed into the dimension and have little Yuteng take her up the mountains to look for the others.

With little Yuteng’s help, they found the people sitting on the ground resting in no time. Even Innkeeper Zhu and the lot haven’t arrived yet. She found a tree and hid on top of it and looked down coldly at the people.

They were indeed the students of School of Divine Condor. They didn’t want to do the hard labor, but under the threat and encouragement of Instructor Mu, they started slaving away.

As lunch time approached, everybody was starting to get hungry. That’s when they realized all the Cheng’s already went to lunch, but nobody said a word to them.

Before they could complain, an aroma from deliciously cooked lunches came from the foothills. They invigorated everyone and made them feel hopeful.

After a short while, when everybody looked on, dozens of people finally showed up in front of them. Seeing all the lunch boxes they were carrying with them, some of the students wanted to lung forward and grab them out of their hands.

Naturally, with the Associate Dean there, even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t dare. They could just looked on and hope that they would get their meals shortly.

Seeing everybody’s wolf-like look, Innkeeper Zhu shivered. He looked at everyone with a shred of pity in his eyes. He cupped his hands at the white-bearded man and said, “Associate Dean, Instructor Mu, pardon me. I am here to do business with you!”


Everybody was stunned. As though their acupuncture points were pushed, they were stoned. Their reactions made Innkeeper Zhu and his people wanted to laugh.

When they have recovered from the shock, Mu QIngtong was the first to shout, “Innkeeper Zhu, what do you mean by that? What do you mean doing business, huh? Aren’t you afraid of the Cheng’s?”

“Pardon me, I was here on Miss Cheng’s orders. If you want food, that’s fine, but you need to give up something to trade for them!”

Innkeeper Zhu was unphased by their vicious stares and continued, “These are food with spiritual chi; if you don’t want it, many others would kill for them. So if you want any, you better hurry!”


Mu Qingtong was so angry he was about to spit out blood, but there was nothing he could do about Innkeeper Zhu. He resorted to looking at the disciples and asked, “Your master doesn’t care about this either?”

“Our Master don’t worry him about these matters. It’s always our shi mei who makes the calls!”

Liu Tianshan opened up a lunchbox and the delectable rice and dishes could be seen, “Are you guys buying? If you aren’t, I can eat another share. Our shi mei had already said, we can have all the leftovers, until we couldn’t eat anymore!”


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