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The Resplendent Farming Apothecary ch 4 - The Bizarre Red Lotus (1)

Mei mei, drink the soup quickly. Before Da Zhuang and Xiao Zhaung saw it and take it from you!” Da Zhaung was their stepbrother that Mrs. Gu brought with when she married into the family, where as Xiao Zhuang was their 3-year-old half-brother.

Gu Ye couldn’t fire the hunger that felt like fire burning in her stomach any longer so she took a few sips from her brother’s hands but that was all she could take. Having been starved for a prolonged amount of time, her stomach had already deteriorated along with her other organs. She was so weak she could barely breathe. This body was the living testimony of the saying “at the end of the rope”.

“Take another sip, you are not eating enough.” Gu Ming worried a lot about his little sister. His sister was so malnourished that she got ill every two to three days. Naturally the stepmother wasn’t going to spend money on having a doctor check her out. So Gu Ming had to risk being eaten by a beast to go hunt in the mountain, but rarely was he successful.

On a good day, he would be able to catch a pheasant or a rabbit and he’d send it over to Dr. Wu and have him checked out his sister. Dr. Wu told him that she was so much ill rather than being starved and overworked. All she need was nourishment.

Whenever he had a moment of free time he’d help out with his sister’s chores. He tried his best to provide her with more food, yet the sister continued to deteriorate. The last several days, she ever had a difficult time eating just rice. She would vomit whatever it was that she ate. Dr. Wu told him that there was no more need to treat her, and be prepared for when the time came.

But he couldn’t give up, and didn’t want to give up. His mother grabbed his hands and asked him to take good care his sister when she was on her death bed, but he was so useless…

Seeing that his sister had a few sips of the fish soup and didn’t vomit, Gu Ming felt a sliver of hope rose inside of him. He finished all the rest of the fish soup in one large gulp; he wasn’t going to let Mrs. Gu’s two rascals have any of it! He tugged his sister in some more and said in a soft voice, “Mei mei, get some rest. Ge ge will catch fish and make you soup everyday from now on.”

Gu Ye nodded obediently. When Gu Ming went to do the dishes in the kitchen, she couldn’t held out any longer but vomited all the fish soup. This body couldn’t take in any food any more.

And she had just transmigrated here; she didn’t want to die right after her transmigration and became the shortest-lived transmigrator. That would be a bad joke!

Dimension! She was in possession of a dimension! She remembered the bottle of beast-repelling powder. A sliver of hope beamed in Gu Ye’s eyes.

She produced a bottle of nourishing fluid into her hand and spending the shred of energy that she could muster, finally was able to pour it into her mouth and swallowed it with great difficulty. Before she felt into deep sleep, she clearly felt a small warmth feeling started to travel through the meridian and organs of this feeble body…

With Mrs. Gu’s personality of only liked to take advantage of others but not being taken advantage of, the days were now even more hectic for Gu Ming and Gu Ye. Gu Ye was too weak to get out of bed so all the chores around the house fell onto Mrs. Gu.

Every time Mrs. Gu thought about it she’d dashed to the West side of the house and bang on the table and bowl and shouted all sorts of nasty words non-stop. Gu Ye just plugged her ears with invisible plugs and be unaffected by all her nasty words.

Mrs. Gu pulled her normal trick when she was preparing the meals. Each person only received one palm-size biscuit and Mr. Gu, as the head of household, could still only have two. In the morning, there was still none for Gu Ye, and Gu Ming got the smallest in the batch.

Now that everything was out in the open, Gu Ming had no more hesitation. During the meal, after his dad had picked up one if his biscuits, he quickly grabbed two from the basket and his own bowl of porridge to eat with his little sister inside their house.

Mrs. Gu shrieked with her hands on her waist when she saw that, “PUT THAT DOWN! That was your dad’s biscuit! You ungrateful rascal robbing your own father’s food!”


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