Sunday, June 2, 2019

TWQQF ch 83 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (16)

“Oh, is that so?” frowned the young lord, “We really couldn’t find out anything at all?”

“Well, a little bit?” replied Deacon Bai cautiously, “From what our scouts were able to gather from afar. It looked like the Cheng’s are doing some large constructions to expand the family house. The entire Willow Village are helping out!”


The young lord remained silent. After a long while, he looked up at the three waiting nearby, “Do you think you will be able to arrange a meeting with the Cheng’s?”

“Well….” Deacon Bai didn’t reply right away. After exchanging a look with both of his colleagues, he said, “Young lord, we can’t guarantee a positive outcome, but it’s worth a try. We have traded with them a few times, they think they might be willing to meet up with us.”

“Okay, I will give you three-day time. Come up with something good. I just need to be able to talk to them. Dismiss!”

“Yes, we will take off now.”

The three dared not dilly dally and left right away.

After they have retreated from the courtyard, Innkeeper Zhu asked the others cautiously, “Deacon Bai, do you really think we will succeed?”

“I have no idea. But we’ve got to give it a try. C’mon, let’s try to figure out something. Share any ideas that you have and we will take the actions together!” replied Deacon Bai.

The other two nodded and started coming up with ideas for this difficult task.

They weren’t the only ones having a headache in this town. There was also old man Ning of the Ning’s.

After the last few days, those from School of Divine Condor were driving him insane. Not only did they have to provide the with the best food and services, they also have to put up with their attitudes, even old man Ning could you escape that fate. How could he be in a good mood?!

Ko Yang, standing next to old man Ning, didn’t look any happier. They have never expected those from the well famed School of Divine Condor to behave so poorly. With the exception of the instructor and maybe two or three students, the rest all turned into the masters of the Ning’s. They certainly barked orders to everyone at the Ning’s as if they were masters of the household.

Their behaviors were no different than cuckoos taking over the host birds’ nests!

If the hosts were going insane, so were all the servants. They have all been avoiding those from School of Divine condors like they were poisonous snakes, hiding as far away as possible. But what good would that do?

They were all sent back to serve these arrogant young men and women!

The entire Ning’s was turned into a tremendous mess and there was nothing old man Ning could do other than sighing and regretting.

After all, someone of his status couldn’t afford to offend someone from School of Divine Condor, not even a student. Not to mention that his own grandson was one of them.

Now he finally understood why his kind and simple grandson and turned into such an arrogant jerk.

Being surrounded by those like that day and night could certainly have that effect on you.

If they were all like that, how could his grandson be the exception to the rule?

Thinking about that, he regretted even sending his grandson to School of Divine Condor; nevertheless, there were no such thing as a pill for regret.

Knock, knock….

Hasty knocking interrupted the two quiet men.

Ko Yang walked up to open the door right away. An urgent-looking butler busted in and said, “Master, old man Lin and the lot have arrived!”

“What, he has arrived already?” Old man Ning jumped up from his seat and walked out right away, meanwhile urging that, “Let’s go, we must go and welcome them!”


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  1. After seeing their attitude, I would have just cut ties with the school and anounce to the family that no one from young generation should be financed for learning at that school.